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Rice Straws: A Complete Guide On New Eco-Friendly Edible Straws

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Each year, millions of tonnes of plastic waste sweep through our oceans, leaving both destruction and harmful long-term effects in its wake. As fast as it moves within our waters and landfills, a tidal wave of the bans on single-use plastic is seeping across all countries around the world. Governments, businesses, and consumers across the globe are searching for sustainable alternatives to plastic, especially focusing on eco-friendly materials in production. A trail-blazing new option has captured our attention - rice! 

That's right, you heard correctly! Rice straws are impressing like-minded individuals and manufacturers alike as the best new single-use plastic alternative.

What Are Rice Straws?

Rice straws have found their way to the top of the list of outstanding sustainable straw products, and this is no mistake! Convenient, eco-friendly, and design-centric, there are many factors that continue to bring rice straws to new heights above their competitors.  

Similar to other plant-based compostable straws, rice straws are made of 100% natural ingredients, including tapioca starch and rice flour. Although they are single-use like their notorious plastic-filled enemies, rice straws dominate the market with their impressive compostability. Using and disposing of rice straws regularly will not contribute to the pile of plastic pollution and toxic waste found in rivers, oceans, and forests- disappearing without a trace as they safely decompose in only three months. 

If the advanced biodegradability of rice straws has not convinced you yet, investigate their edibility! Only a handful of natural straws can be ingested, giving an edge to these unique rice straws that can in turn be a hunger buster if your thirst is already quenched. EQUO’s bespoke rice straws can be enjoyed as delicious crunchy snacks or boiled to create rice-based dishes.

It is no longer the case that plastic or paper straws are the only products that are finely covered with artistic designs. Rice straws are now available in multiple pastel colors and shades. The food dye contains no chemicals, instead, vegetables and fruits are juiced to create the desired colors. With their aesthetic appearance and eco-friendly abilities, compostable straws are a sure thing when looking for alternatives to plastic straws.

Rice Straw made of tapioca starch and rice flour

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How Rice Straws Are Made

Step 1: Prepare Ingredients

The primary two ingredients are rice flour, and tapioca. Fruit and vegetables are selected by manufacturers depending on the desired color.

Step 2: Wash

As you cook rice at home, this rice must be rinsed to remove any existing bacteria covering the grains. Once sufficiently clean, the rice will be ground to create rice flour. 

Step 3: Steam

Rice flour is then mixed and added to a granulating machine. This step is essential in order to prevent the flour from breaking while enhancing its durability. 

Step 4: Shape

Pipe tractors are used to create the drinking straw shape. This tractor machine activates and creates a natural straw roughly 3-4 meters long! Manufacturers will later manually cut these elongated straws into many tiny pieces. 

Step 5: Dry

Once shaped, rice straws need to be dried for 6 - 12 hours before inserting them into the cutter. This device will continue cutting the drinking straw's width and shape to the standard measurement.

Step 6: Pack

The final step in the rice-straw production process is carefully selected packaging.

production of rice straws

What Are The Benefits of Using Rice Straws?

Rice Straws Are Eco-friendly

Rice straws extraordinarily don’t contain any chemicals, microplastics, or artificial substances. Eco-friendly, the biodegradable compostable straws decompose entirely in soil or compost bins. As they break down to return to the environment, rice straws will not release any toxic pollution into the air, ground, or sea. Land and marine animals alike can ingest these sustainable straws without harmful health effects, ensuring all life is supported and free of plastic-induced suffering.

Rice Straws Are Safe To Eat

Due to their containing 100% natural ingredients, these environmentally friendly straws are entirely safe to eat! Their crunchy flavor can satisfy hunger, whilst also morphing into a mouth-watering rice porridge if boiled down. 

Rice Straws Degrade Quickly

Instead of the centuries-long life span of plastic products, rice straws don’t need 500-600 years to decompose. Instead, two months is all these incredible alternatives need to biodegrade. Once composted, these types of biodegradable straws will act as a healthy fertilizer for the soil it was left in.

Wide Application

Rice straws work perfectly in hot or cold drinks. Due to their versatile shape, these plasticless straws can be used for all of your favorite drinks- juice, smoothies, coffee, or homemade cocktails! Adults and children alike can use the straws safely, making rice straws easily accessible for anyone and everyone!

Rice straws work perfectly in hot or cold drinks

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Are Rice Straws Edible?

One word: Yes! Rice straws are made of two primary ingredients, rice flour, and tapioca starch, enabling them to be made 100% from natural products and safe for human consumption! Rice straws can be eaten directly for a crisp and crunchy treat or cooked down to be part of any warm rice-based dish.

How Long Is The Decomposition Time of Rice Straws?

As with all materials, the decomposition timeline of compostable drinking straws depends on the surrounding environmental conditions.

Compost bins and soil provide ideal moist and wet environments, allowing the biodegradability of rice straws to thrive and accelerate, vanishing after only 2-3 months. In drier climates, they will take longer to fully degrade.

Now it is your turn to make the choice of enhancing the simple pleasure of enjoying a delicious drink with biodegradable straws. If you are on your quest for an edible and consciously designed rice straw, EQUO will be your first stop! 

As well as our rice straws, you can opt for multiple compostable products such as; grass straws, sugarcane straws, coconut straws, and coffee straws. Visit our website now to do something drastic, and cut out the plastic! 

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