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Coconut Straws: A Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Straws

By Anh Ha

coconut straws

From small to large-scale operations, hospitality-based businesses are now commonly rejecting the consumption and distribution of plastic straws. Private cafes to booming restaurants, and everything in between, are developing an eco-friendly mindset. Environmentally sustainable materials, such as coconut straws, are coming widely into use and it is their time to receive the praise they deserve. With all of the biodegradable alternatives  to plastic straws on offer, coconut straws now join this list being sturdy, long-lasting, and compostable. If you are trying to nurture nature and make green choices, we will give you the low down to further confirm your love for plant-based straws, highlighting these special coconut straws.

The ever-expanding food and beverage industry is required to flow like water. Occasionally running smoothly downstream, it may encounter cracks and fill them immediately with cool, life-giving water. Although in this case, single-use plastics are the cracks and natural, plant-based alternatives that must evolve and adapt to society's needs must be like water.  We are no longer adding to the pile of plastic waste, instead doing our best to reduce it. Marine animals that are at the mercy of plastic pollution that have entered the ocean as a result of careless plastic disposal are not the only creatures at risk. As plastic straws break down into tiny fragments known as microplastics, they release harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil, air, and water. Making their way toward the living things around it that are unable to break down and compose the material, eventually posing a threat to human health.  

Manufacturers and consumers must work together and go hand in hand when choosing to make these positive and sustainable changes, and coconut straws have emerged at the perfect time as another striking alternative to plastic straws.

What are Coconut Straws?

As one might think, coconut straws are derived from coconut leaves or shells, but instead are produced from within the coconut itself. Coconut water is fermented and used in the natural manufacturing process of creating these coconut straws. After multiple heating and drying steps, you will be left with a sturdy and long-lasting straw. If you are not a fan of the taste of coconuts and are wary of it affecting the taste of your drink, you will be relieved to know these organic straws do not produce any taste. One more reason to try! 

Feel free to sip on your delicious beverages for several hours, savoring the taste with a coconut straw that retains its original and sturdy shape without becoming soggy as a paper straw might. 

coconut straws made of fermented coconut water

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Are Coconut Straws Environmentally Friendly?

Absolutely! There is no controversy surrounding the eco-friendly and 100% natural reputation of coconut straws - they truly are remarkably biodegradable! Whereas an average plastic straw that has been used only once may take 200 years to decompose, these evironmentally friendly straws contain no harmful substances or chemicals and take only months!

The material deriving from a coconut itself is a plus for these natural straws. If you have spent time in the tropics, or even if you simply close your eyes and imagine yourself there, it can be seen that coconuts are sustainably cultivated and harvested. The process is naturally occurring, safe, and even vegan! It is easy to agree that coconut straws are extremely environmentally friendly, what could be better?

eco-friendly coconut straws

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Where to Buy Coconut Straws?

Having many varieties of eco-supermarkets or e-commerce platforms means it is no longer incomprehensible to imagine finding alternatives such as coconut straws so readily available. Despite multiple choices, it is recommended to source them from a specialized and trusted provider that has made this very product their passion.

If you're still looking for where to buy biodegradable straws, it is a natural choice to consider EQUO. They are also a trustworthy wholesale that provides many purchase options for anyone preferring to buy biodegradable straws in bulk. Founded by an ambitious Vietnamese-Canadian businesswoman, EQUO aims to continue nurturing nature and being part of eco-friendly solutions to daily problems one straw at a time. This eco-driven company ensures that they're built prepared to "rid the world of single-use plastic," as all products are 100% plastic-free. Nature teaches us to grow, and we must be willing to learn!

As the name suggests, EQUO coconut straws are made of fermented coconut water. They are an advanced evolution of plant-based compostable straws, sparing users from any unpleasant sogginess, single-use, or lack of heat resistance. Cold and hot drinks are both suited to these coconut straws, even for hours on end, without concern of microplastics entering your system or your drink. 

They are entirely natural and contain NO plastic or chemicals

As one may assume due to originating from natural coconut water, EQUO coconut straws do not have a distinct scent or flavor, so will not change your drink in any way. These biodegradable straws are fitting for many different utilizations, whether it be in a cool drink bottle filled to the brim with iced water or a mug of warm tea, adults and children alike can enjoy. Coconut straws can be the perfect product for your sustainable party supply needs, restaurant straws, or for your personal at-home use.

buy coconut straws from EQUO

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are more familiar with the origin and story of coconut straws, including their uses and their production, you may still find yourself with some lingering uncertainties about these novelty-sounding products.  Let us answer some frequently asked questions about these plasticless straws.

Are Coconut Straws Edible?

No, coconut straws are not edible. These sustainable straws are safe to use with any drink at any temperature without putting you at risk of toxic substances, but cannot be ingested or eaten. Simply use your straw to quench your thirst, and enjoy!

Are Coconut Straws Reusable?

Yes, coconut straws can be reused multiple times throughout the day. In addition, they are 100% eco-friendly and take only months to decompose, while plastic straws take centuries and leave negative long-lasting effects.

Thanks to increased awareness being generated in the last few years, we are all clear as a society that it’s time for Mother Nature to be sheltered from plastic single-use products.

In the group of game-changing, biodegradable compostable straws made of natural materials, coconut straws have demonstrated to be a reliable alternatives, ready to be included in your life today! Aesthetically pleasing, compostable, and chemical-free, there isn’t a whole lot to disagree with!  

If all 8 billion of us in this world said, “it’s only one straw”, where would we be? All we need is a small changes from individuals. As we continue to reduce our plastic consumption we will prevent further pollution, lessen our own carbon footprint, save energy, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

EQUO is loaded with advice, knowledge, and information and will continue striving to make non-plastic products accessible to anyone and everyone. 

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