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6 Best Reusable And Edible Coffee Straws For Your Drinks

By Anh Ha

6 Best Reusable And Edible Coffee Straws For Your Drinks

The soothing wave of relaxation that sweeps over your body and mind as you have that first sip of coffee in the morning can draw your attention away from the fact the plastic straw you are drinking from is actually a weapon. Threatening the environment and animal species is no longer necessary when creating convenient straws, and some consumers may already be aware of trending environmentally friendly products. Like-minded sustainable communities and businesses are spreading the word, join them and crawl out from that rock you may be hiding peacefully under! We would love to share the best ways to be a part of this movement; let us recommend the perfect reusable straw to accompany your coffee and cast away plastic ones! Made of naturally-occurring plants or sustainable materials like glass or silicone, we have compiled this list to save you the hassle of harming the environment.

Why Should You Choose Reusable Straws For Coffee Drinking?

Reusable straws are not a new concept, but people are still ignoring the facts and refusing to make the switch. Here are six compelling reasons to motivate and support you in cutting out plastic and redirect you to reusable options:

#1: Eco-Friendly

Reusable straws are made of materials that are either plant-based (like coffee or sugarcane) or plastic-free (silicone, metal, and glass). These substances are harmless to the environment. Unlike plastics that dramatically release harmful toxins and chemicals while attempting to decompose, plant-based compostable straws for drinking coffee do not have this issue. Meanwhile, reusable straws made of sustainable long-lasting materials, such as silicone or metal, can last a lifetime, significantly reducing plastic waste. 

#2: Protect Marine Life

Found not only in landfills but plastics are also released into our oceans. All forms of marine life that hunt for food may accidentally consume these plastics. We are aware plastic straws are a deadly snack for them, contrastingly biodegradable straws are not toxic, making them ideal for protecting aquatic animals. 

#3: Portability And Convenience In Use

Most reusable plasticless straws are lightweight and compact, easily fitting into your bag or pockets for carrying them around and using them on the go! 

#4: Not Leaking Toxins To The Drinks

When submerged in hot water, plastic can release polystyrene into the drink and cause severe health issues to the user.

Fortunately, reusable drinking straws are made of plastic-free ingredients- meaning there are absolutely no toxins leaking into our food or drinks in both high and low temperatures. 

#5: Quick Cleaning

Highly reusable, most reusable straws are easy to clean, allowing them to be used more than once. You can remove the remaining residue inside the straw quickly by simply rinsing it with warm water and dish soap.

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Best Plastic-Free, Reusable Straws for Drinking Coffee

Still on the hunt for your new go-to reusable straw to enjoy delicious and guilt-free daily coffees? Check out the environmentally friendly straws we have compiled and listed for your convenience below.

EQUO 100% Natural Compostable Coffee Straws For Hot and Cold Drinks

Coffee enthusiasts shouldn’t miss out on trying these coffee straws made of coffee grounds from EQUO. A match made in heaven, they are available in tempting dark brown colors and speckled patterns, reminding you of the fresh coffee beans! Once your drink has cooled, users can still enjoy the lasting fragrance as the coffee straw breathe the aroma of coffee from start to finish! 

These natural straws are promising alternatives to plastic ones due to their durability and sturdiness, retaining their shape in drinks for hours on end. You can also reuse them multiple times a day before deciding to nurture the soil as the straws can be composted. 

coffee straws

EQUO Coffee Straws

EQUO Edible Rice Straws For Hot and Cold Drinks

Spice up your drinking experience with edible rice straws from EQUO! Not only supremely eco-friendly products, but they are also a creative idea for accessorizing cups of coffee and other drinks. Rice straws in our EQUO collections are available in striking colors, one for every shade of the rainbow! You can enjoy these delights worry-free, as they retrieve their bright coloring naturally from vegetables and fruits. Choose a different color for each day of the week and let friends and family guess your mood! Feeling happy to learn about these renewable options? Let’s go with a sunshine yellow straw for our good mood!

rice straws

EQUO Rice Straws

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Glass Drinking Straws For Coffee

Glass straws are commendable for withstanding very high temperatures. They are a wonderful option for a cup of hot or iced coffee, without limits on the number of times they can be reused if cared for properly! 

Unfortunately, glass straws are at greater risk of breaking, making them dangerous for children. Moreover, the thick and sturdy structure can make glass straws difficult to clean after drinking.

Glass Drinking Straws For Coffee

Source: Internet

Bamboo Drinking Straws

Bamboo straws are based on a naturally-occurring material. Reuse these biodegradable straws hundreds of times, before deciding their reusable life has come to an end and simply dispose of them knowing they will quickly compose in a natural environment.

With a durable texture, bamboo straws keep their shape and function well when soaked in either hot or cold coffee! The hard thickness enables these compostable straws to double as stirrers. You can add sugar, and chocolate, or evenly distribute the ingredients of your coffee by using the straws without the risk of breaking them.

Bamboo Drinking Straws

Source: Internet

Stainless Steel Drinking Straws for Coffee

If you are after sustainable straws that will last a lifetime, try stainless steel straws! We can not deny the superb durability of stainless steel straws. Additionally, the metal material retains the true coffee flavor until the last sip, making them an ideal option for those desiring pure coffee experiences. 

However, many steel-based products are thinly lined, occasionally creating texture with sharp edges. Without caution, you may hurt your mouth by drinking hot beverages with steel straws. Their excellent heat-conducting properties mean care is required when placed in a piping hot cup of fresh coffee!

stainless steel straw

Source: Internet

Silicone Coffee Drinking Straws

Another reusable plastic replacement is silicone straws! These don’t conduct high heat as much as glass or metal alternatives, so are suited to all ages and don’t require any caution when placing these silicone straws in hot cups of coffee.

However, silicone straws are arguably not the best option when saving the planet, as the material is, in fact, not biodegradable. Regrettably, they take long periods of time ( 50 - 500 years) to decompose in the environment completely.

Silicone Coffee Drinking Straws

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There is no other planet in this universe that can embrace and support life like Earth has been doing for so many years. In order for it to continue this for the future, we must respond to Mother Nature as she cries out about environmental destruction and makes changes to our habits and behavior. You may think one straw doesn’t amount to much, but if every person changed just one straw, billions of reusable straws will make a difference. Hopefully, you have discovered a new and eco-friendly way to enjoy your daily coffee through our reusable coffee straws recommended above. 

You can also extend the possibilities of living a 100% sustainable lifestyle right now! As you visit EQUO sustainable stores, you will find a wide variety of plastic-free products: including eco-friendly biodegradable straws, utensils, reusable tote bags, and food containers.  Get started today!

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