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Grass Straws: An Eco-Friendly Product Originated From Vietnam

By Anh Ha

Grass Straws: An Eco-Friendly Product Originated From Vietnam

Throughout the years, there has been a dramatic shift in consumers and companies working to  preserve and protect the environment. In 2017 one Vietnamese entrepreneur rose to the surface with a new invention: grass straws. As we explore the origin of Vietnamese grass straws, we’ll start to uncover  the large-scale and positive impact they are having on our environment.

The Story of Eco-friendly Grass Straws Coming from Vietnam

Grass straws, only recently entered the market as a plastic straw alternative. The product was invented by a 32-year-old Vietnamese entrepreneur, Tran Minh Tien. Mr.Tien came up with the idea of making this alternative to plastic straws by taking advantage of the large amounts of gray sedge grass that grow on the Mekong river delta.

Transforming his dreams into reality, in 2017, Mr.Tien decided to start his own business, producing and selling Vietnam grass straws. Due to the limited grass supply in Vietnam, Mr.Tien assumed that grass straw would be a temporary eco-friendly solution. However, his idea has inspired manufacturers across the globe to produce their own various types of biodegradable straws.

What Are Vietnamese Grass Straws Made of?

Thanks to Mr.Tien's innovation, Lepironia Articulata (Gray Sedge Grass) has become  a reliable material for many Vietnamese manufacturers making eco-friendly grass straws. Depending on the drying method used, grass straws from Vietnam are divided into two typical kinds: Dried grass straws and fresh grass straws.

While dried grass straws may catch your eyes with a pastel green color,  fresh grass straws present deeper shades of yellow. Dried grass straws have been through multiple drying stages, under both natural and technological conditions, so they can be kept for up to one year if preserved well. On the other hand, fresh grass straws are exclusively dried beneath natural sunlight, so their longevity reduces over time. When you visit restaurants, bars and coffee shops, see dried grass straws and their extended preservation period, rather than those fresh ones.

vietnam grass straws made of Lepironia Articulata (Gray Sedge Grass)

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The Process of How to Make EQUO Grass Straws in Vietnam

Little some may know, the Mekong Delta is not only the place that instigated this revolutionary way to make biodegradable straws, but it is also the birthplace of Vietnam's world-renowned handicraft villages. This helps to explain that these Vietnam grass straws reflect craftsmanship, undergoing a delicate process of hand-making, as opposed to highly-processed products. From the blade of grass swaying in the breeze along the Mekong Delta to the soothing green grass straw in your glass, these natural straws were created without requiring large quantities of energy or hazardous chemicals.

Here are the special seven yet simple steps to make EQUO grass straws:

- Step 1 - Harvest: Seasoned farmers hand-select the grass.

- Step 2 - Clean: These farmers will then thoroughly wash the acquired grass

- Step 3 - Sterilize: To ensure disinfection, specialized concoctions will be soaked into the grass.

- Step 4 - Cut The Grass: The makers wash the grass carefully before cutting it to size.

- Step 5 - Sort: Based on the size or quantity of clients’ orders, the grass straws are then divided into groups.

- Step 6 - Dry: Once laid out for hours under the sun, the straws are dried under a drying machine to reduce humidity for dried grass; or naturally in the sun for fresh grass.

- Step 7 - Package: Makers ensure quality control before completing the packaging for the straws. Once the straws have successfully satisfied all the requirements, including production standards and particular client needs, these organic straws will be given the go-ahead to be sent out to your doorstep!

how to make Vietnam grass straws

Simple steps to make EQUO grass straws

Why Are Vietnam Grass Straws Considered a Zero-waste and Sustainable Option?

Though there is no shortage of plastic alternatives available, reusable straws hold an advantage over single-use products based on their sustainability. As more and more plant-based compostable straws emerged among sustainably-minded individuals, the trend caught like fire! Similarly, grass straws are a new single-use plastic alternative that appeals to many. 

It may technically be defined as a single-use product, but grass straws do not create any sense of doubt when thinking about their sustainability. Each grass straw is guaranteed to be 100% plastic-free, natural, biodegradable, and compostable. During decomposition, these sustainable straws will not leak any toxic substances into the environment, as well as remain neutral, and not generate more waste for the landfill and biodegrade back into the Earth.

Some time ago, it was a common misconception that only reusable straws; such as glass straws, metal straws, and bamboo straws, are truly sustainable. Single-use yet plasticless straws are quickly dismissed as a myth, with people often assuming they must contain paper or plastic. Luckily, grass straws are not only convenient for their single-use feature, but also environmentally friendly with their compostability. Gratefully, the Vietnamese ingeniously discovered this imaginative way to use grass, so people everywhere now have one more eco-friendly choice to sip their favorite drink with a natural straw.

vietnamese grass straws

Vietnam grass straws - A sustainable choice

Where Can You Get Vietnam Grass Straws?

Among sustainable suppliers, EQUO is making a statement with a wide range of eco-friendly products and a bold Vietnamese packaging design. Marina Tran-Vu, the Vietnamese-Canadian founder of EQUO, is motivated in her sights to lay the foundation for Vietnamese in a globally sustainable world. Meaningfully, EQUO provides conscientious Vietnam grass straws you can rely on. At EQUO, you have the option to even buy biodegradable straws in bulk and experience their eco-friendly features:

  • 100% plastic-free and plant-based
  • Decompose quickly in 6 months
  • Can be used for hot and cold drinks
  • Resistant to sogginess and keep their shape in drinks for hours.
buy vietnam grass straws at EQUO

Buy Vietnam grass straws at EQUO

In the event you are unsure where to find high-quality grass straws, look no further than EQUO! We are consistently an eco-friendly brand offering multiple alternatives to plastic straws for the community. Besides, the gorgeous green colors paired with vibrant packaging designs from EQUO assure grass straws will be admired by those around you- even making excellent sustainable gifts!

Visit our online store to buy your environmentally friendly straws now!

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