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10 Best Eco-Friendly & Reusable Straws For A Better Environment

By Anh Ha

environmentally friendly straws

Plastic straws are one of the most harmful single-use plastic products perpetuating the pollution of this planet. They are non-biodegradable, have sprawling centuries-long life spans, and lack the ability to decompose on our land and oceans. When disposed of dangerously, plastic straws can result in major environmental consequences, creating ‘white pollution’ in waters and chemical release into our soil. There is now a growing movement to protect our precious place in the universe and look after the one thing we all share: Earth. Environmentally friendly straws are commandeering the straw market and many people are consciously choosing to adopt them. 

Manufacturers are constantly producing myriads of eco-friendly straws from all kinds of alternative materials, primarily natural ones. Interested in finding out more about this innovation for the future? We will share 10 of the most used eco-friendly straws, and why they are a manageable solution to plastic ones.

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    Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Grass Straws

    Grass straws are drinking straws that are naturally made from dried grass. Depending on the manufacturer, the species of grass used may vary, but sedge grass is the most commonly used. These organic straws from Vietnam are available in soft-hued lime green colors, even indulging users with the aroma of a natural leaf tea scent.

    Unlike paper straws, fibrous Vietnam grass straws are durable and crunchy, allowing them to be used for extended periods of time without getting soggy. 

    Grass straw is ideal for sipping on your favourite daily drinks, from warm lemon water to juice. These eco-friendly straws are safe for all ages and enjoyed by adults, the elderly, and even children.

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    environmentally friendly grass straws

    Eco-friendly Biodegradable Rice Drinking Straws

    Recently, rice straws have been gaining significant traction in sustainable circles. These environmentally friendly straws are created using rice and tapioca starch, two simple natural ingredients that add to the resilience of the rice straw. Despite the grains of rice being white, these compostable drinking straws from EQUO can be presented in multiple colors made from raw food dyes. Originating from veggies and fruits, the dazzling colors are naturally occurring and similar to plastic straws. Prettiness without the pollution!

    One thing that establishes EQUO rice straws apart from many others is that not only are our natural straws safe to use, but can be consumed as a snack to serve with your drink!

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    eco-friendly biodegradable rice drinking straws

    Biodegradable Sugarcane Straws

    As the name suggests, sugarcane straws are made from the sugarcane plant, resulting in a mild sweet scent of brown sugar. 100% taste-free, rice straws are a beautiful shade of brown, that gives a vintage aesthetic into your beverage. Suited to children, teens, and adults alike, biodegradable sugarcane straws are a tempting alternative to plastic straws! 

    Due to their flexibility and durability, sugarcane straws are suited to all types of drinks, textures, and temperatures. These not-paper biodegradable straws from EQUO are exclusively designed with various diameters, so you can use them to enjoy any drink including smoothies and even bubble tea!

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    eco-friendly disposable sugarcane straws

    Reusable Coffee Straws

    Coffee grounds are hailed among plastic replacements as one of the preferred materials for making these environmentally friendly straws. Coffee straws are trending as a superior sustainable alternative to plastic ones. Stand out from the crowd and make a statement with these deep shades of chestnut-brown and one-of-a-kind speckled markings. Longing for an extra hit of coffee with your hot or cold drink? Transport yourself to an exclusive coffee lounge and each sip through the coffee straw produces the satisfying scent of fresh coffee masterly brewed.

    Comparatively, these biodegradable straws are just as durable as those made of plastic. There is no need to question their environmental impact, let their complete biodegradability speak for itself!

    biodegradable compostable coffee straws

    Eco-Friendly Coconut Straws

    Coconut straws may seem like a novelty way to drink through the coconut that fell to the sand, but guess again! Fermented coconut water instead serves as the base ingredient for these plant-based compostable straws.

    Once fermented, coconut water must undergo multiple heating and steaming stages in order to ensure they are dried and ready to harden and shape for use. Coconut straws from EQUO are presented in a charmingly classic ivory-white color, suiting as an accessory to your drinks as you attend any event from casual gatherings or high-end meetings where you are sure to make a statement.

    Another benefit of coconut straws from EQUO is users can reuse their plasticless straws throughout the day before disposing of them, leaving the straw to decompose safely and completely. Though materialized from fermented coconut water, these environmentally friendly coconut straws have zero taste or scent, ensuring no unwanted changes are made to your drink.

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    environmentally friendly coconut drinking straws

    Eco-friendly Reusable Paper Straws

    Paper straws pioneered the ‘anti-plastic’ straw movement, followed by much controversy and conflicted opinions. Cafes and restaurants upholding a progressive stance in the eco-friendly switch from single-use plastics can be seen around the world.

    Unfortunately, due to the fickle nature of paper as a functional material, users might encounter uncomfortable inconveniences. The possible change of shape to your paper straw, a distinctive aroma upon finishing your drink, and short lifespan requiring users to drink hot or cool drinks quickly, must be taken into consideration when ensuring you select paper straws that are the highest quality.

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    eco-friendly reusable paper straws

    Reusable Biodegradable Bamboo Straws

    Bamboo is one of the most naturally occurring materials to harvest when creating non-plastic goods and products. Large and small-scale companies are now producing these eco-friendly sustainable straws from bamboo plants, free from all pesticides, dyes, and other toxic chemicals. 

    With conscious consumption comes educating yourself and others on how to get the most use out of your reusable straw. After use, bamboo straws can just be hand-washed efficiently and stored in a dry, ventilated area to offset any mold or mildew growth.

    reusable bamboo straws

    Silicone Straws

    Silicone straws are one of the softest, malleable, and kid-friendly alternatives to plastic straws on the market. Although they are less affordable than bamboo straws, the silicone option is generally much less expensive than stainless steel or glass straw sets. Unlike stainless steel, Silicone environmentally friendly drinking straws can be cleaned in the dishwasher and withstand hot and cold temperatures, ensuring it is long-lasting and versatile.

    However, if you are among those searching for a total 100% plastic-free product that is zero-risk, silicone straws may prove to be a less-than-ideal choice. Silicone can be made from plasticizers such as damaging BPA that could be released into your system or leaked into your drink. Due to the man-made material, these straws are not biodegradable like those made from purely naturally occurring materials and can be very difficult to recycle when disposed of.

    environmentally friendly silicone straws

    Reusable Metal Straws

    If you are someone making green choices on the go, catching public transportation or constantly moving from one place to the next, metal straws may be the long-term, sustainable solution you didn’t know you needed! 

    A tried and true solid material composed of stainless steel, these straws are resistant to potential rust and corrosion. Commonly used in household items such as cutlery and cooking utensils or tools and equipment found in hospitals, metal is a reliable and durable alternative. Despite being more expensive, these reusable straws can prove to be long-lasting investments that will be worth it as you further reduce your carbon footprint on this planet.

    As these metal straws are not transparent, the opaque appearance in turn can make it difficult to access the cleanliness of the product. Metal straw sets can be purchased with everything necessary to care for your reusable straws in the long run, look for those that include specialized cleaning brushes. If that is not available to you, consider searching for those metal straws that are dishwasher-safe for your convenience. To avoid burning sensations on your lips, metal straws are best matched with cool or room-temperature drinks, conducting excess heat and potentially causing discomfort when used in a hot beverage.

    eco-friendly reusable metal straws

    Glass Straws

    Glass straws are also prime entries in the list of sustainable plastic straw replacements. Not only appealing in visual design but the clear glass straws can also be appreciated as eco-friendly gifts for all of your like-minded loved ones. One of the attractions of these glass straws is that they will not conduct heat in high temperatures as a metal straw would, a perfect fit for cold juices and hot teas! The crystalline, transparent appearance of glass straws not only adds to the gorgeous color but also is productive when assessing cleanliness.  

    These delicate glass straws, though extremely environmentally friendly, are not indestructible - much like our planet Earth. They may shatter to pieces when dropped or stored carelessly, so users must be wary when traveling or cleaning these glass straws. If you are looking to encourage your children to go green and make sustainable decisions, glass straws will not be an ideal choice if accidentally broken or bitten. 

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    environmentally friendly glass straws

    What once seemed like an insurmountable task of reducing plastic use completely, more people are choosing sustainable lifestyles with ease, and you can too! Pride yourself as you select environmentally friendly straws to join the solution. Sip on iced tea or preferred juice, with the knowledge you have done your part that day to end the destructive reign of single-use plastic straws by saving our environment.

    With a clear vision to “rid the world of single-use plastic,” EQUO offers 100% compostable biodegradable straws. We are here to support you with the challenges you face today and guide you to look toward the future! Our mission is to create readily-accessible products by harnessing the raw power of mother nature.

    Visit the EQUO website to explore our eco-friendly biodegradable straws and replace single-use plastics!

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