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10 Best Reusable & Sustainable Straws: Eco Friendly Choices

By Anh Ha

sustainable and reusable straws

It may seem unfathomable to envision a future free from single-use plastics, such as plastic straws, as it may seem we are dependent on their existence to support our daily habits and lifestyle. Despite the convenience plastics might bring, we must try to make choices that will preserve the earth for ourselves and future generations. It is time to make some changes, no longer can we sit by and merely observe the damage generated by plastic waste. Let’s minimize our ecological footprint, leaving nothing but memories, clean beaches, fresh air, and rich waters ready to sustain animal and human life for years to come. Read on to discover how to make the eco-friendly switch with sustainable straws without losing any of the convenience - one drink at a time!

Sustainable Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws

Bamboo straws are known as one of the best contenders for sustainable straws. Derived from the rapid-growing, renewable resource that is the bamboo plant, these biodegradable straws are durable, reliable and an excellent choice when going green! Unfortunately, bamboo drinking straws are more susceptible than other materials to long-term wear and tear after many uses, and have a more difficult, specific cleaning process than other alternatives. The resistant texture and fibrous nature, the shape, and even the width are all factors to consider when selecting the most suitable brush to use. They consequently also leave a subtle after-taste of wooden notes in your mouth after sipping, so contemplate both the benefits and side effects of selecting this sustainable straw.

Sustainable Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws

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EQUO Eco-Friendly Non Toxic Grass Drinking Straws

When reviewing the best plant-based compostable straws, you may discover there is a myth that all-natural substitutes will regrettably turn soggy when immersed in liquid. Thankfully, EQUO’s grass straws are an exception to this belief, proving to be durable, long-lasting and the solution to your needs! 

Made entirely from dried grass, these Vietnam grass straws are resilient, wear-resistant, and can perform well even when placed in high temperatures. Spend up to 4 hours sipping and savoring your preferred beverage without compromising the grass straw's shape or function - and once you have finished your drinks? Throw them into the trash without guilt as these 100% compostable straws can eventually return to the Earth. 

The grass straw best suited for daily drinks, anything from tea to juice, and the pastel green colorway appeals to all! Inhale the calming yet refreshing scent of tea these biodegradable compostable straws produce, and are safe for adults, children, and the elderly. Perfect gift ideas to further spread the eco-friendly world!

EQUO Non-plastic Grass Straws

EQUO Grass Straws

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EQUO Sustainable Eco-Friendly Rice Straws

Who’s hungry? Anyone for a crunchy snack? How about these straws? 

You heard us right! The innovation of edible rice straws has been making waves amongst the sustainably-minded world. They do not generate polluted waste and are absolutely safe and delicious to eat!

EQUO’s rice straws are especially loved by kids, drawn to the vibrant and dynamic colors and knowledge they can even munch on to satisfy their appetite! Unlike some processed food, these rice straws are 100% chemical and toxic-free. The striking colors originate from vegetables and fruit juice - no invisible nasties here! They come in various colors and can become snacks. Rice straws can promise to enhance your drinking experience, so why wait?

EQUO Eco-Friendly Rice Straws

EQUO Rice Straws

100% Sustainable Non Plastic Sugarcane Straws from EQUO

Joining the sustainable straw lineup from EQUO is the biodegradable sugarcane straw! These environmentally friendly straws are formed from sugarcanes, tapping into that familiar scent of sweet brown sugar that will find its way into some of our most treasured childhood memories. The rustic and raw color of these straws also generates a sense of nostalgia, the perfect match for not only lovers of the vintage aesthetic, but everyone! Biodegradable sugarcane straws provide us with all of the convenience of plastic straws, including texture, flexibility, and durability, but without any plastic or chemicals being present!

EQUO sugarcane straws are available in various widths, even including specialized ones for boba! Use your sugarcane straw all day long in any situation and any style of drink, and when it is time to say goodbye, these organic straws will fully decompose in only one year.

Organic, Biodegradable, Sustainable Sugarcane Straws from EQUO

EQUO Sugarcane Straws

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EQUO Reusable Sustainable Coconut Drinking Straws

Differing from the widely-known coconut straws made of dried coconut leaves, EQUO coconut straws pioneered a new process made from fermented coconut water. This ingenious take on coconut straws does not contain any additives, plastic, or chemicals, and the durable material is long-lasting, sustaining its shape even 3-4 hours into use. The ivory-white color of these sustainable straws can be appreciated in any scenario, complementing casual gatherings, high-end events, and everything in-between.

EQUO coconut straws can be reused throughout the day,  and after disposal will serve as compost to the natural environment as they break down. If you are not a fan of strong coconut tastes, let us assure you these sustainable plasticless straws do not have any particular scent or flavor, allowing your drink to maintain its delicious integrity! Join the island paradise of sustainability with a coconut straw now!

EQUO Non-plastic Sustainable Coconut Straws

EQUO Coconut Straws

EQUO Reusable Sustainable Coffee Straws

Coffee grounds are extremely multi-functional and used as fertilizer or compost by farmers and gardening. It doesn’t end there! The leftover coffee grounds found in cafes can even go through an inventive process and transform into the straw in your cup! These are the primary ingredients to create coffee straws here at EQUO. 

They are 100% sustainable straws, containing absolutely no chemical or plastic substances yet acting as effectively as plastic straws. The coffee straw can remain in your beverage all day, and take less than one year to completely decompose, returning back to the Earth it originated from.

EQUO Coffee Straws

EQUO Coffee Straws

Sustainable Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

Layered and tempered, these durable and sustainable glass straws are expertly crafted. The clear and transparent nature of the glass straws ensures users can easily observe their cleanliness, whilst also being tasteless and scentless.

Alas, glass straws remain heavier than other organic straw options, and may not suit constant travelers or small children as the glass can shatter if dropped or mishandled.

Sustainable Reusable Glass Drinking Straws

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Eco-friendly Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws

Silicone straws are the ultimate choice for sustainable-minded individuals that prefer using softer, more flexible straws. The rubbery soft texture lends itself to comfortable use and as they are dishwasher-safe, even the most relaxed of us all can enjoy them without complicated cleaning processes. Silicone ensures these straws are long-lasting, however, there is a disadvantage to this. 

Silicone is generally classified as a type of rubber. It can be compared to a hybrid between synthetic rubber and plastic polymer, so we can contest that silicone is not more natural than other fossil-based plastics. This makes silicone straws the least sustainable straws among the mentioned above and below. Without proper care, cleaning, and dry storage, the material can become molded over time.

Eco-friendly Reusable Silicone Drinking Straws

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Sustainable Reusable Metal Straws

Metal straws, made mostly from stainless steel, are one of the most durable and long-lasting options for sustainable straws. Similar to their silicone counterpart, metal straws are dishwasher-safe and convenient for frequent traveling.  

Arguably, their largest fault may be their rapid heat-conducting properties that are a by-product of the steel. A thirst-quenching cold drink can be enjoyed through a metal straw due to the low temperature, but when placed in a hot drink, the liquid will also heat the metal straw and create a risk of minor burns on your lips or tongue.

Sustainable Reusable Metal Straws

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Sustainable Paper Drinking Straws

Paper straws may be the most popular and original sustainable straws that were introduced to the hospitality business. Made from paper and recycled resources, paper straws are well-suited to printing logos and patterns and creating unique colorways! These eco-friendly biodegradable straws are commonly the most distinctive in terms of eye-catching appearances.

Unfortunately, paper straws become soggy extremely quickly when resting in liquid, and may not be entirely eco-friendly during the manufacturing process. There is some controversy surrounding the high-energy emissions and microplastic ingredients discovered in the production of paper straws. Therefore, the sustainability of paper straws remains one that is up for debate.

Sustainable Paper Straws

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Are you ready to reduce the accumulation of plastic waste in our natural environments and landfills? Let's shake the worldwide habit of perpetually using toxic, single-use plastic straws, one person at a time! Sustainable straws will bring us a small yet significant step closer to reducing our individual carbon footprints.  EQUO is here to support the Earth’s zero-waste journey, making both choices and commitments to our life and future generations.

We will continue to provide various sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics for your everyday life. 

Visit our website and add your favorite biodegradable straws to your cart now! 

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