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6 Best Reusable Straws 2022 For Drinks, Smoothies, Travel & More

By Anh Ha

best reusable straws

Plastic straws are infamous for their negative effects, not only to the Earth itself, but also to beloved sea creatures such as turtles, fish, and even seahorses, as they consequently swallow remnants of the straws that find their way to the ocean and refuse to decompose. However - now is the time for change! Small and large F&B companies alike are promoting banning the use of plastics, instead opting for reusable cups or straws as a replacement. It is a simple but monumental decision when you arrive at your favorite coffee shop and answer “yes” or “no” when offered a plastic straw. And it is not too late as a valued consumer to make a more conscious choice and switch to reusable straws! Here at EQUO, we have expertly narrowed down our favorite reusable and environmentally-friendly straws for you to select. Join the sustainable mindset and be part of change for the better!

EQUO Sugarcane Straws - Reusable Straws for Boba

The sweetest new way to enjoy your much-loved boba! Support the planet as you serenely sip on your favorite flavor with our own EQUO sugarcane straws . Trendy and stylish, these biodegradable sugarcane straws are one of our recommendations to stand out and make a statement in the comfort of your own home, a dinner party, wedding ceremonies, or even take it with you in your hand luggage for environmentally conscious consumption overseas! These little wonders are made of natural sugarcane bagasse; which highlights the sweetness in your boba with assistance from the light brown sugar aromatics that accompany it. We proudly offer these special straws in a tasteful, pale brown colorway with a soft speckled pattern.

A biodegradable sugarcane straw comes in multiple sizes that can enable you to carefully select the one that may be most suited to your favorite drink - offering our standard size to a larger boba fit, with everything in between! Extra thirsty on this hot day? No problem! These compostable straws can accompany you throughout the day with each of your drinks, a sweet boba in the morning, a cool Coca-cola in the afternoon and even a refreshing juice in the evening - our sugarcane straws are here to give you that sweet kick you need!

EQUO Sugarcane Straws - Best Reusable Straws

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EQUO Reusable Coffee Straws for Smoothies, Cold & Hot Beverages, and Coffee

Is one of your favorite smells the sweet, distinctive scent of fresh coffee in the morning? We have the straw for you! Our specialized EQUO coffee straws originate from natural coffee grounds which in turn gives these straws a delicious aroma of a brewed cup of coffee to heighten your senses and strengthen the flavor of your hot or cold drink. These biodegradable straws are caffeine-free and tasteless, so are able to be enjoyed and used by all ages!

When selecting the best reusable straw for you, one must consider its durability, and a coffee straw is satisfactorily long-lasting! Made with foldable, flexible materials, these sustainable straws are specially designed to withstand high temperatures, meaning you can enjoy them in your piping-hot mug without worries! Use these throughout the day, as our EQUO coffee straws can be used to drink from more than once without becoming soggy or affecting your drink's taste. Tempting? We think so!

EQUO Reusable Coffee Straws - Best reusable straws for smoothies

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Reusable Straws

There are countless benefits to these ethical and environmentally conscious straws. Made from bamboo, these are extremely lightweight, and chemical-free- a perfect solution to your daily drinking needs! Despite being made from bamboo, these natural straws do not provide any taste or flavor - so they are perfect for any drink of your choice!

Although bamboo straws have incredible positives for the user and the environment, they can not be used again and again over a prolonged period of time. Take extra care when washing and storing your bamboo straw, as due to the texture and nature of bamboo, they are more susceptible to cracking or staining over time.

Bamboo Reusable Straws

Reusable Silicone Straws

Introducing silicone straws! Colorful, soft, super durable, and slightly wider than metal and bamboo straws, these plasticless straws are great for all ages!

Silicone straws can last when placed in the heat without warping shape or melting as plastic straws would. The soft silicone is also conveniently suited to support those with sensitive teeth or children that may bite down on the straws, allowing a gentler feel on the teeth and mouth.

The one disadvantage to this is that, unlike other alternatives to plastic straws, these silicone straws are not biodegradable so must be disposed of carefully when that time may be. Over time, it may become apparent that there is a certain odor to the silicone and a gathering of dust, so buyers must be aware of the correct way to clean these straws. Despite this, there are many advantages to these silicone reusable straws, and still have a greater reputation than common plastic, single-use straws.

Reusable silicone straws - best reusable straws

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws for all your Travel needs!

To ensure your reusable straws are long-lasting, it is important to understand the best way to clean them. Stainless steel straws are extremely durable and can last for a lifetime if there is an awareness of how to properly care for them. To save your own precious time, the stainless steel material is, fortunately, dishwasher safe - making these the most convenient option if you are on the go without time to hand-wash and care for your straws. As is the case with other materials, you can also hand-wash reusable straws with specialized cleaning brushes that may come equipped with your straw and are very effective in maintaining your hygiene.

The one restriction is that due to the thermal conductivity of the stainless steel material, we do not recommend these for consuming hot beverages. They will make the perfect companion to cool, refreshing drinks instead!

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Stainless Steel Straws - Best reusable straws for travel

Reusable Glass Straws

Reusable glass straws have the advantage of being multi-use, transparent and neutral in taste. Whilst being trendy and contemporary in appearance, these environmentally friendly straws are easily recycled and can be reused up to 1,000 times! Due to the glass being non-porous, these will not affect the taste of your drinks in any way and will be a guaranteed convenient alternative to plastic.

Alongside this, buyers should exercise caution when using, washing, or travelling with these glass straws, as they are more fragile and susceptible to breaking.

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Glass straws - best reusable drinking straws

The Best Way to Clean Reusable Straws

There are a lot of accessible ways to find information about ways to clean reusable straws, and we have narrowed down some of the best ways to do so. If you own or are looking to purchase your own ethical straws, you must be aware that properly washing your straws goes hand in hand with getting the best and most use out of them! Read below to avoid bacteria buildup, contamination, and suggestions on how to support your personal health. Let’s review what you will need to get started on this routine, please follow the steps below- all you need is a long thin brush or a pipe cleaner! Let’s get started -

  • Ensure your straw is fitted with a pipe cleaner or brush
  • Apply a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the pipe cleaner or cleaning brush (Ones with pure, natural ingredients are preferred).
  • Scrub the inside of the reusable straw with the pipe cleaner or brush.
  • Use a sponge to wash the outside of the straw gently, removing stains..
  • Rinse the straw's interior with warm water, ensuring you have removed all of the soap.
  • Air-dry the reusable straw by storing them in an upright position.

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It is a harsh but true reality that if we do not stop, assess, and make changes as individuals or as a society, plastic waste will continue to pollute the Earth and everything that lives within it. Reducing our carbon footprint and making simple daily changes such as switching your plastic straws with any of the more sustainable alternatives is a step in the right direction. You can even gift these straws to generate more awareness and educate your friends and families. Spread the word and the reusable straws! Now is the time!

EQUO is endeavoring to offer these ethical solutions by ensuring 100% plastic-free compostable products are available to anyone and everyone. You can source multiple eco-friendly choices on the EQUO website, including plant-based compostable straws, utensils , and reusable tote bags .

Visit our online store now to join the EQUO family and make a difference (while enjoying a yummy drink through a natural straw of course!)

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