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8 Best Natural Drinking Straws Made of Organic Materials

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Have you ever finished your go-to drink through a straw and then disposed of it without thinking about the process the plastic will then go through? We have a worldwide disconnection between single-use products, without a solid understanding of the long and harmful journey that plastic straw will have as it impacts the earth and your health. Ingrained in daily life, it is easy to forget plastic is a man-made invention that does more harm than good. Mother Nature has always spoken to us, but now she is raising her voice and we must listen to her.  It is time for you to replace traditional plastic straws with natural straws. Let us share the eight best natural and plant-based straws to remove unnecessary plastic, and start a zero-waste journey to protect and preserve our environment.

What Are Natural Straws Made Of?

Plastic straws have many distracting but dazzling features that are easy to attract, they are affordable, accessible, widespread, and colorful. Yet they are also one of the most dangerous and common forms of single-use plastics currently polluting our environment. As the microplastics break down and attempt to decompose, this eternal material releases toxic waste into the surrounding landfills and oceans, taking centuries to break down.

Why support the manufacturing of millions of products that will be used for a matter of minutes, yet will remain on this earth for centuries to come? We now have plenty of alternatives!

Due to increased awareness of the damage being done to our environment, there are now plenty of convenient and green alternatives to plastic straws. Paving the way for these solutions to ‘non-plastic material’ are organic straws made from natural materials such as grass, rice, bamboo, agave, sugarcane, coconut, and even coffee grounds! Rapid decomposition and biodegrading give these organic straws the lead on environmentally-friendly products!

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What Natural Straws Are Good For The Environment?

Are you prepared to jump on the natural drinking straws train? Here are eight options to help you get on the plastic-free ride!

Compostable Grass Drinking Straws

If this is a new concept you are hearing about, let us indulge you! Grass straws are plant-based and made of 100% Grey Sedge harvested directly from nature. Grass straws are a fantastic and effective option to reduce our plastic dependency and live a greener life! 

EQUO Vietnam grass straws feature a pastel green color that will transport you straight to the tranquil and lush rice fields of Sapa. They are also of the highest quality, due to the natural grass being expertly hand-picked, cleaned, and then carefully cut. Another benefit is that these grass straws are reliably durable, working just as well with both hot and cold beverages. You can also use your grass straw several times a day for your convenience!

compostable grass drinking straws

Natural Rice Drinking Straws

Natural rice straws are another winning option for those who constantly have a coffee or juice by their side. These are 100% environmentally friendly straws that begin biodegrading within three months of initial use. Rice straws can be enjoyed in hot teas and cool smoothies, retaining their heat-resistant shape for up to an hour! 

If you’re searching for a knowledgeable and trustworthy provider of rice straws, look no further than EQUO! Rice straws from EQUO are derived from naturally occurring materials, primarily rice and tapioca starch. Available in an array of visually stunning colors.  In addition, these natural straws can be eaten, despite their sturdy texture. As a crunch snack or a boiled-down rice-based dish, wash your rice straws before enjoying them as a versatile treat! Who knew?!

natural rice straws

Natural Coconut Drinking Straws

EQUO biodegradable coconut straws will raise your drinking experience to new heights! Coconut straws are impervious to all of the common setbacks that come with standard natural straws: sogginess, inability to reuse, and low heat resistance. Coconut straws are a sustainable alternative that function just as well as plastic ones, without all the side effects!  

Coconuts straws are also more durable than paper-based straws, which can become an undesirable mushy texture when in liquid. The thicker nature of coconut straws enables them to remain intact for several hours. Whatever is on the menu tonight- water, coffee, cocktails, or smoothies, these plant-based compostable straws are the best replacement for plastic ones.

EQUO’s coconut straws are presented in a soft ivory-white color, with an almost tropical surface texture. Although they are made entirely from 100% natural coconut water, these not-paper biodegradable straws are scentless and will not add any identifiable taste to  your chosen drink. Cheers!

coconut straws

Biodegradable Sugarcane Drinking Straws

Another rising star in the world of environmentally conscious consumers and manufacturers, are sugarcane straws. Made naturally from recycled sugarcane fibers (commonly referred to as bagasse), sugarcane straws may carry the misimpression that they can further sweeten any beverage. Truthfully and thankfully, biodegradable sugarcane straws are taste-free! 

Sugarcane straws can last for hours on end in both hot and cold temperatures, ideal for those lazy days basking in the sun with a cool slushie or wrapped up in scarves sipping hot cocoa on a winter's day. These sustainable straws are a perfect addition to any cafe, restaurant, or business in the food and beverage industry!  

EQUO offers sugarcane straws in various sizes, including ones large enough for delicious boba pearls! This allows sweet boba teas, thick smoothies, or even moist puddings to effortlessly make their way quickly up your sugarcane straw. Even better, these plasticless straws come in a breathtaking natural color, enhancing the presentation of your cocktails or infused drinks.

biodegradable sugarcane straws

Natural Coffee Drinking Straws

Coffee straws are a perfect addition to any drink. Coffee drinking straws are created from the recycled waste of ground coffee beans, and are even chemical-free and biodegradable! They are a safe, innovative and eco-friendly alternative to standard plastic drinking straws! 

Coffee straws can function well in both hot or cold liquids, perfect for the coffee connoisseur within you, iced or frothy! They can also be reused several times a day due to their high quality and durability. 

EQUO coffee straw features a distinguished, deep brown color, speckled patterning, and a delectable aroma of freshly brewed coffee. These reusable straws are ideal for daily drinks; such as juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and iced coffees. They are more than a sustainable decision–they are also a flavor enhancer for your enjoyment!

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equo coffee straws

Natural Wheat Drinking Straws

Wheat straws are a wonderful 100% natural accesory to any drink. These compostable drinking straws are sustainably made from the stem of a wheat plant, without complicated production processes. The plant is harvested, cut to drinking straw lengths, then carefully sterilized. No deforestation, high-energy paper mills, or chemical additives can be found here! 

Like most natural compostable straws, wheat straws have incredible biodegradable properties. After use, one can dispose of them freely into a compost pile, and they will rapidly break down without releasing toxins and sink straight back into the earth to provide further nutrients and make room for life. 

Natural wheat straws are as long-lasting and easy to drink from as other plastic options, performing well in cold and hot beverages. They are however small in size and width, so must be selected precisely to accommodate your favorite styles of drink! They may not suit blended smoothies or boba, but can delightfully serve as companions to juice, tea, milk, and other iced coffees.

natural wheat straws

Natural Bamboo Drinking Straws

Bamboo ticks all the boxes for an eco-friendly product material. It has naturally cylindrical fibers, perfect for the tubular nature of bamboo and serving as the perfect plant-based material for manufacturing straws! Tick!

Bamboo drinking straws are known for being 100% natural, non-toxic, and extremely durable. We must also admit they are aesthetically pleasing and trending in today's day and age of rustic design! These biodegradable straws promise to guide you to a tropical paradise with each and every sip, being a cool coconut from the overhead palm trees in your imagination, or a late-night pina-colada to really get in the jungle-like spirit!  

There is however a small catch–bamboo straws have been described as having a strong, wood-like flavor. Especially before washing or during the first use, they are not 100% tasteless. Bamboo straws may slowly mold if not cared for or cleaned and dried properly.

reusable bamboo straws

Natural Agave Straws

Agave straws are incredibly made from leftover fibers of the tequila and agave sweetener industries. 100% renewable and recyclable, these fibers are flattened in production and then shaped into drinking straws. Agave straws are as long-lasting as bamboo-based alternatives and are a recommended solution to plastic ones. 

Praise has been sung for the high durability these agave straws possess. Lasting up to 8 hours in a single liquid-filled cup, beverages can be enjoyed without the possibility of the straw cracking or breaking. From the first sip to the last, your agave natural straw is all you need for an entire morning or evening. See for yourself!

agave straws

Single-use plastic is one of the have been hurting the environment for a long time, now is the time to start making small changes. Nowadays, reusable straws are readily accessible for all to use, and starting that habit will reject our dependency on plastic for a range of use. Amongst our throwaway society, we are simultaneously living in the age of innovation, and top-quality natural straws are not hard to find! All you have to do next is choose your favorite one! If you can’t reuse it, let's refuse it! 

EQUO is here to assist and guide you in selecting and purchasing high-quality natural straws - an environmentally conscious brand that offers many alternatives to plastic straws. EQUO also provides a wide range of natural household products - everything from utensils, food containers, to reusable tote bags!

Explore EQUO collections to find your new favorites!  

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