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Coffee Straws Made Of Coffee Grounds: A New Eco-Friendly Choice

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Coffee Straws Made Of Coffee Grounds: A New Eco-Friendly Choice

If you can’t live without a morning cup of coffee, then this innovative straw news will surely entice you! Coffee grounds are now a material used to make sustainable straws. These eco-friendly straws are alternatives to the infamous and pollution-causing plastic straws that continue to harm our planet. Not only are these ingenious coffee straws a surefire way to protect the environment, but they also add a unique edge to your favorite drinks!

Why Is EQUO Coffee Straw A Must-Try?

Coffee straws are becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. Coffee grounds, recycled leftovers after coffee production, are simply repurposed and made into sustainable coffee straws. As well as being a favored green choice, these straws offer unique yet subtle flavors and aromas to your chosen drink.

EQUO coffee straws are certainly a must-try if you're on the hunt for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws.

Unlike traditional plastic straws, EQUO coffee straws are 100% biodegradable and compostable. This means you can ease your worries knowing your plasticless straws won’t contribute to the growing issue of plastic pollution. 

As they are made from recycled coffee grounds, these biodegradable compostable straws are not only eco-friendly, but also offer a delicious espresso scent to enhance each sip!

EQUO Coffee Straw For Drinking Beverages

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Coffee straws are 100% plant-based and plastic-free

Dissimilar to traditional plastic straws, EQUO coffee straws are made from 100% plant-based ingredients. These organic straws may be used in both hot and cold beverages, making them highly versatile.

The coffee ground substance adds an additional coffee aroma to whatever drink you desire. They are sourced sustainably from farms that go above and beyond to ensure their operations are as ethical and sustainable as possible. So when you peacefully sip on an EQUO coffee straw, not only are you satisfying the craving for a delicious treat, but you will also reduce your personal carbon footprint.

In addition, these coffee straws give off a mouth-watering scent while remaining completely free of plastic. This makes the types of biodegradable straws both eco-friendly whilst also improving your drinking experience! Moreover, coffee straws are easy to care for and perfect for all occasions - from casual gatherings to formal events.

Coffee straws are compostable

Another of the many reasons you should give coffee straws a chance, is that these eco-friendly biodegradable straws are entirely compostable. Made from 100% natural materials, coffee straws are decomposable and serve as an environmentally-friendly hope amidst the never-ending plastic problem.

Much unlike traditional plastic straws, these compostable straws will break down within 90 days when in suitable composting conditions - thereby minimizing your negative impact on the environment without sacrificing convenience or style. Enjoying satisfying drinks guilt-free whilst supporting our precious environment has never been so easy!

Coffee Straws Made Of Coffee Grounds

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are coffee straws edible?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Coffee ground straws are not suitable for ingestion. The material used to create coffee ground straws is recycled coffee grounds – making them difficult to digest if consumed. 

Despite the fact that coffee ground straws may not be fitting to eat, they still give us a great way to reduce waste and help the environment!

Are coffee straws reusable?

Yes! Coffee straws can be used multiple times in a day before it is time to discard them. They can maintain their shape, lasting durability, and strength even after many uses. The material is thankfully non-toxic and food-safe, so you don't have to be concerned about the release of microplastics when drinking hot or cold drinks.  

When the time comes to dispose of your coffee straws, most often within a day, you can either conveniently compost them or put them in the trash. As they are made of biodegradable materials, these biodegradable straws won't take up intrusive spaces in landfills as traditional plastic straws would.

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How long does it take for coffee straws to decompose?

The decomposition time of coffee straws depends on a variety of factors. These might include specific kinds of materials used in the coffee straws' manufacturing and the conditions they are exposed to. 

Generally speaking, it is estimated that coffee straws will break down within 6-12 months in warm, moist environments. This is much faster than their plastic counterparts, which can take years and sometimes decades to fully break down into tiny microplastics. 

When disposed of correctly in a compostable environment with adequate moisture and aeration, the natural straws can biodegrade rapidly and safely without leaving any harmful residues in their wake.

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Where to Buy Coffee Straws?

Fortunately, there is a reliable supplier to turn to in your search for where to buy coffee straws - EQUO!

EQUO offers both single and bulk orders of biodegradable straws. Whether you’re an individual looking for your own personal use or a hospitality business wanting to stock up and go green, EQUO has just what you need. 

As well as our selection of coffee ground straws, an expansive range of plant-based compostable straws is also available: including coconut straws, rice straws, sugarcane straws, and grass straws for those looking for a more sustainable solution! Each kind is made from natural materials and offers equal levels of convenience to users as plastic might, minus any negative environmental impacts as a result. Not only do these natural alternatives help to reduce pollution, but they also aesthetically complement all drinks!

So if you are in the market for a new coffee-drinking accessory, look no further than EQUO – your one-stop shop for all things related to environmentally friendly straws!

Coffee straws made of coffee grounds are a fantastic way to reduce single-use plastic straw waste. These sustainable straws are biodegradable and compostable, making them an excellent and encouraging choice as we attempt to reduce our environmental footprint. Uniquely so, they also add unique flavors to beverages that traditional plastic straws simply can't offer. As our society is building toward creating a more sustainable future, it is imperative we consider how our small everyday choices can impact our environment.

EQUO is one of the brands paving the way forward in this revolution, curating a range of products that are plastic-free and eco-friendly. Our compostable drinking straws can be purchased online and are available in multiple different sizes. Now that you know all about EQUO coffee straws and their sustainability benefits, add to the cart now and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Where to buy EQUO Coffee Straws

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