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Best Non-Plastic Straws For Hot Coffee & Other Hot Drinks

By Anh Ha

hot coffee straws

Plastic straws were once one of the most convenient inventions to hit the market, but we have since learned they don’t come without their share of negative side-effects. Contributing to the unnatural disaster of plastic pollution, plastic straws not only harm our habitat but also the human body. When in high temperatures, plastic straws used in hot drinks can release dangerous BPA, causing health effects in adults and children alongside polluting the environment. Coffee lovers must be conscious of choosing non-plastic straws for their drinks to protect their well-being and the world around them. Let us introduce sustainable, non-plastic drinking straws for hot coffee that are specialized and easily accessible.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Coffee With A Straw

We will share the best-kept secrets supporting the success of drinking your coffee through a straw!

#1 Protect Your Teeth

It is proven that drinking through a straw reduces the liquid's contact with the teeth, which is better for dental health than drinking straight from a cup or glass. It is understood that strong and dark-colored beverages stain teeth gradually over time. With the use of a straw, deeply vibrant beverages such as red wine, tea or coffee can directly bypass the teeth, resulting in a lower chance of tooth discoloration. The acidic properties of coffee and tea can act as a catalyst for tooth erosion, something the use of a straw can further prevent and delay!

#2 Improved Hygiene

It is recommended to use a straw to prevent direct contact between the user’s lips and the unsterile cup’s mouth or lid. This in turn reduces exposure to infections from potentially bacteria-covered drinking vessels. For those that must make considerations about sensitive health conditions, using straws can allay some of those fears. Keep in mind that regardless of the expertly designed glasses or trendy cups in the newest cafe, we will never know how efficiently they are cleaned and what bacteria may remain.

#3 Easy To Drink

Do you find yourself having moments of clumsiness as you tilt your cup towards your face when sitting or laying down, and the liquid instead spills over? Straws can enable you to calmly sip on your drink from any position, even preventing tooth freeze if your beverage contains large chunks of ice!

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Best Drinking Straws for Hot Coffee

Disposable Grass Straws to Drink Hot Coffee

Grass straws originate from 100% Vietnamese Lepironia plants. The production of these Vietnam grass straws does not introduce any synthetic dyes, chemicals, polymers, or compounds like bisphenol-A (BPA). Fortunately, the natural materials used to create these straws are entirely non-plastic, safe for your health, and able to withstand hot temperatures - ideal for that morning cup of coffee! 

Regrettably, a stand-out disadvantage of some disposable straws is that they are known to quickly become soggy; however, grass straws can overcome this point of contention. These types of biodegradable straws are solid and crunchy due to an extensive drying process and can last hours in hot or warm water. 

Grass straws are integral to the future of reducing all single-use plastics and marine pollution. Completely disposable and biodegradable, you can even conveniently compost these in your garden after use! Encourage your friends and family to enjoy their hot coffee with a grass straw, and be left with a satisfied conscience you have done your bit to be a part of the solution!

Disposable Grass Straws to Drink Hot Coffee

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Disposable Rice Straws

Disposable rice straws may be an intriguing solution for those looking for the highest-quality straws specialized for hot coffee consumption. Similar to being grass-based, eco-friendly rice straws are made of 100% natural ingredients. They consist of rice flour, tapioca starch, water, and tiny amounts of fruit or vegetable juice for color. Rice straws are soothingly scentless and entirely edible - so you can choose to drink or eat them depending on your mood! These plant-based compostable straws also support our health, containing no chemicals, BPA, or toxic components that may have harmful effects on our body and digestion.

Our EQUO rice straws are sublimely suited for an array of various drinks, juice, smoothies, milkshakes, and more of your favorites! They work best for up to one hour submerged in water and other beverages, maintaining their shape throughout. Incredibly, these natural straws are also biodegradable and can be used as compost when it is time for quick and easy disposal. Leave your used rice straws in your garden or compost area, and they will dissipate safely back into the Earth within only three months.

Disposable Rice Straws

Coffee Straws

Coffee straws add a little extra flair to your drinks with their rich brown shades and natural speckled patterning. Made entirely of recycled ground coffee beans, these ‘go-green’ straws do not contain active caffeine or taste, so users can rest assured knowing their drink will maintain its delectable original flavor. For those that are passionate about all things coffee, these biodegradable compostable straws will also highlight your senses as you inhale the freshly brewed coffee aroma through your straw. 

Coffee straws are notably durable in water, specializing in withstanding even boiling hot water! As paper straws might, these organic straws won’t become soggy midway through enjoying your piping hot beverage. If you are searching for something that meets not only customers' needs, but also serves the environment surrounding it, the coffee straw can benefit the enjoyment of your drink and your garden as they disappear entirely through decomposition.

Coffee Straws

Coconut Straws For Hot Drinks

Coconut straws are making their statement as a thrilling new way to demonstrate the sheer range of environmentally friendly straws available to incorporate into our lifestyle. Fermented coconut water is harvested before going through stages of drying, hardening, and shaping into drinking straws before being sent for packaging! Due to the natural process, there are no chemicals or harmful additives present at all.  

Despite the fact coconut straws are made from naturally-occurring coconut water, they are unscented and will not affect the taste or aroma of your drinks. Our biodegradable straws are the new go-to choice for everyday beverages such as tea, juice, coffee, and even smoothies. Time to quench our thirst!

hot coffee straws - coconut straws

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Sugarcane Straws

Sugarcane straws are superstars in the world of heat-resistant, biodegradable non-plastic straws. Created from 100% natural sugarcane bagasse, these straws best suit hot coffee or tea, and are without any negative health effects. Biodegradable sugarcane straws are indeed tasteless, but nevertheless, the faint aroma of brown sugar that accompanies them makes these straws a sweet option! They are an effortless replacement for plastic straws, embodying a similar texture, flexibility, and durability.

Despite its natural material, sugarcane straws aren’t at risk of getting soggy when used. One of the best alternatives to pair with hot beverages proves to be these biodegradable, compostable, and reusable sugarcane straws! Eco-friendly to the extreme!

Sugarcane Straws

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Reusable Silicone Straws

Silicone straws raise the bar in comparison to plastics, as they are proudly BPA-free and consist of certified, food-grade silicone. As well as being well-suited to hot drinks, this versatile material has a soft feel so proves to be safe for children. In case the straw is oversized for your cup, simply cut them to the required size with scissors! Silicone is also non-stick, so can be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher and reused time and time again. Perfect for traveling with you to work or to functions, these hot coffee straws are a reliable accompaniment to your frothy latte or fresh coffee!

Silicone straws for hot coffee

Glass Straws For Hot Coffee

Glass straws are wonderfully notorious for spicing up the aesthetic of trendy rooftop bars, cocktail restaurants, or even water-side cafes! As well as their eco-friendly benefits, sipping hot coffee with a glass straw is a fantastic green choice!
Glass straws are made from long-lasting, heat-resistant ‘borosilicate’ glass. This material also serves as a natural insulator, protecting your lips and mouth during the point of contact with your steaming hot tea or coffee visibly glides through the straw. For those with teeth or gum sensitivity, these sustainable straws will eliminate the uncomfort of hot liquid passing directly through your mouth. Let these glass straws do all the work, so you can sit back, relax, and comfortably enjoy.

Glass drinking straws for hot coffee

Metal Straws to Drink Hot Coffee

Reusable metal straws are praised for being famously durable and sturdy. Unfortunately, unlike their glass straw counterpart, these metal straws can easily become too hot to touch when used in hot coffee. This can be solved by a manufacturing technique of installing a silicone tip on the mouthpiece of your metal straw. If metal straws are your choice, this can enable you to enjoy reusable straws in hot coffee without any feelings of discomfort.

Metal Straws for drinking hot coffee

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If we could all collectively snap our fingers and undo the irreparable damage on the  Earth we would. It is not up to everyone else, it can start with you building a better future for yourself, your children, and their kids to come. Whether or not using straws to sip on your coffee is your preference, but if it is, stay encouraged to use plasticless straws to enjoy your hot coffee. There is an abundance of innovative designs and alternatives, as demonstrated in the list of sustainable options above!

EQUO endeavors to educate communities across the globe to protect our precious environment by consciously using compostable drinking straws, and refusing traditional plastic ones. 

Visit our online store to curate a cart filled with some beautifully-packaged natural products for yourself or your loved ones to spread the word! 

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