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5 Benefits of Using Biodegradable Drinking Straws

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5 Benefits of Using Biodegradable Drinking Straws

The reality of plastic’s harmful effects continues to spread all over the world. From daily small talks to journalistic investigations, plastic has been named an enemy of Earth. Does plastic really deserve to be given this title? Or should the users and makers of single-use plastic, human beings, take this name instead? Let us show you the primary benefits of one of the most promising plastic alternatives, biodegradable straws, and the good they can bring to the world.

Biodegradable Straws Help Reduce the Number of Microplastics

Did you know that microplastics are stealthy attackers, hiding amongst the natural environment and waiting for the chance to strike? The beauty of life is being broken down, alongside discarded plastic. 

Plastic breaks down into minuscule pieces of microplastics before leaking into the land or sea. These tiny pieces of plastic are no bigger than 5 mm (one-fifth of an inch) wide, serving as the dangerous entree to beloved and innocent living creatures' meals. Microplastics will not biodegrade, leading to contamination of agricultural soils, terrestrial and aquatic food chains, and our water supply. Heartbreakingly, once they enter the human body, microplastics can cause health effects like chronic inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke. 

Luckily, biodegradable straws are made from environmentally friendly alternative resources. They can decompose after only weeks, or can otherwise be composted. These environmentally friendly straws don’t contain microplastics and are entirely safe for the environment and those that use them.

Biodegradable straws reduce microplastic pollution - benefits of biodegradable drinking straws.

EQUO biodegradable straws are plastic-free

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Biodegradable Straws Do Not Harm Marine Life

Our once pristine oceans can now be mistaken for floating landfills, with plastic pollution taking over the ocean whilst rapidly rising global environmental concerns. The majority of plastic products are not biodegradable, and cannot break down naturally with the help of bacteria and other living creatures. As a result, these discarded plastics permanently end up in our lakes, rivers, and oceans; where aquatic life is susceptible to ingesting the dangerous plastics. Some species, such as sea turtles, seabirds, and marine mammals, can become entangled or trapped in plastic waste with no way out. Annually, millions of oceanic wildlife die from complications directly related to accidental plastic consumption. 

Although we can’t single-handedly reverse this problem, replacing plastic with biodegradable compostable straws will start reducing the amount of plastic waste we generate yearly. Biodegradable straws degrade entirely in a matter of months, disappearing before entering the sea. In the case of marine animals swallowing pieces of natural straws, the material can decompose in their stomachs without endangering them or the animals higher up the food chain.

Biodegradable straws have no negative effects on marine life - benefits of biodegradable drinking straws.

EQUO straws are environmentally friendly

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Biodegradable Straws Do Not Release Toxic Substances into the Environment

Plastic manufacturing industries are one of the world's largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. According to a Bennington College and Beyond Plastics report, the plastics industry emits at least 232 million tons of greenhouse gasses every single year! Drilling for oils and gas, fueling plastic waste incinerators, and more high-energy parts of the process result in the equivalent of 116 coal-fired power plants. The harmful reach plastics extend to are not confined to harming marine life or releasing chemicals as they wreak havoc on our planet. Plastics also contribute to global warming from the start to the end of their life cycle. With this knowledge, businesses can help lead the fight against climate change by discontinuing plastic straws.

One of the highlights of biodegradable straw is the fact they are made from natural resources! Whether it be grass, rice, sugarcane bagasse, or even coffee grounds, they are a perfect and sustainable alternative to plastic straws. This means biodegradable plasticless straws are also carbon neutral as they avoid relying on nonrenewable resources.

Biodegradable Straws are Eco-friendly Alternatives to Single-use Plastic

Consumers and governments across the globe are building an awareness of the damage done by disposed plastics. Single-use straws, cotton buds, bags, and cutlery were banned in Europe in 2021, as consumers sought more sustainable alternatives. Shining bright are the benefits of biodegradable straws, proving to be an excellent replacement for those single-use plastic straws that serve their purpose for minutes before  sitting idly in the environment and causing pollution for years to come. 

Trending materials of not-paper biodegradable straws are known to be grass straws, rice straws, coconut straws, sugarcane straws, or coffee straws. Durable, sturdy, and as flexible as plastic ones, they can perfectly suit any drink without becoming soggy and have a shelf life of up to 12 months! When it is time to throw them away, you can be sure these organic straws won’t take up a permanent residence amongst landfills- decomposing and helping to save the environment for future generations to come.

Biodegradable straws are an easy replacement for single-use plastic straws.

EQUO straws are sustainable plastic-straws alternatives

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Biodegradable Straws Benefit Your Health

Plastic straws not only viciously harm the environment, but they are also detrimental to human health. Many plastic straws contain polypropylene, a type of plastic manufactured from petroleum. They can also contain BPA (Bisphenol A), which leaks through the straw and into the surrounding hot liquids. Without the necessary quality control and assurance, the toxins in this plastic can continue to affect food and drinks. These chemicals have been directly linked to obesity, early puberty, and even cancer, giving us all the more reason to cut these products out of our life when possible!

With biodegradable straws, there is no need for concern about dangerous chemicals leaching into your favorite beverages. Eco-friendly biodegradable straws are made from natural plant materials such as rice, coffee grounds, and sugarcane, meaning you may even find some that are entirely edible and can double as a snack to accompany your drink!

Biodegradable straws are now widely available from leading green product manufacturers. Among them, EQUO proves to be a dynamic and sustainable brand that will join you hand in hand to reject and reduce using plastic-based products! 

By joining our eco-friendly EQUO family, you will breathe a sigh of relief at the seamless switch to a proudly sustainable lifestyle with the use of our biodegradable straw collection. Not only are the straws plastic-free, biodegradable, compostable, and non-toxic, but you can also find other eco-friendly utensils, reusable tote bags, and compostable food containers here. What else is there to stop you?! Lead the way and do your part for the environment, simply by switching to biodegradable materials in your everyday life.  It starts with you!

Not convinced biodegradable straws bring great benefits and are environmentally friendly yet? Let us assure you we only get one chance and one world- Planet B does not exist. Protect and preserve our Earth by refusing to use plastic, and do your best to adopt readily available and sustainable alternatives, namely biodegradable straws. If you are looking for a reliable and informative eco-friendly straw supplier, EQUO is here for you now! 

Visit our website today to learn more about what we do, why we do it, what we stand for, and what we have to offer you and the planet!

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