Frequently Asked Questions

Have a burning question about EQUO? Find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions!

Do EQUO straws get soggy?

As when any natural substance, it will start to slightly bend after some time in water, but don't worry, our straws hold up for a few hours in room temperature or cold liquids!

How long do EQUO products last in storage?

In terms of storage, all our straws can be stored for up to 2 years in a cool, dry area.

Do EQUO Straws affect the taste of drinks?

The great thing about all our straws is they do not pass on any sort of additional flavouring to your drink. With our sugarcane straws you will experience a pleasantly sweet aroma similar to brown sugar, and with our grass straws there will be a slightly "just rained in nature" smell while sipping away!

Do EQUO straws taste like anything?

They have no flavour whatsoever.

What are the diameters of EQUO straws?

Our standard and cocktail straw sizes come in a 0.24" (6mm) diameter. Our larger boba size straws come in a 0.48"(12mm) diameter. We also have smoothie sizes available for wholesale that come in a 0.31"(0.8cm) diameter (custom ordered).

How big (tall) are the EQUO strawss? Do they fit in all cups?

As with any straws, our straws fit in all regular sized drinks. However, for the larger than life cups you might have, we suggest ordering our extra long straws! For reference our straw lengths are as follows: Cocktail: 5.9" or 150mm Standard: 7.9" or 200mm Boba: 7.9" or 200mm Extra Long: 9.8" or 250mm

Are EQUO products 100% biodegradable?

Yes all our straws are au naturel, and are 100% biodegradable in any environment!

Are EQUO products gluten-free?

We are proud to say that all of our straws are gluten free and vegan!

Are EQUO products edible?

We wouldn't recommend eating our grass, coconut, coffee and sugarcane straws for a variety of texture and taste reasons. However, our rice straws are edible primarily based on their ability to be cooked and digested easily.

Where are EQUO products produced?

Our products are produced around the beautiful country of Vietnam and Asia, where a majority of our founding team members grew up!

How are EQUO rice straws colored?

Our multicolored rice straws are colored using fruit and vegetable extract, so are all natural! Our coconut, sugarcane and grass straws have no added coloring.

Do EQUO products expire?

Our products do not actually expire. Any date codes seen on the products are indicated as best before dates and are placed on box to adhere to specific local production labeling requirements. Because all our products are made from natural materials, over time they may be prone to natural degradation effects such as discoloration, staleness or slight decline in sturdiness. However, all our products are 100% safe for use months and even years after the past end date. We hope you don't hold on to our straws for too long though - they're meant to be enjoyed versus as a decorative storage item!

Can EQUO straws come paper wrapped?

Our EQUO straws are able to be wrapped in the sugarcane and coffee varieties! Custom printed wrapped straws are available.

Can you compost EQUO products in the garden or do they require a commercial composter?

As all our products are made from natural and bio-based materials, they indeed are compostable at home. Compared to home composting, the products will break down much faster in an industrial composting facility where temperatures and conditions can be controlled. Hope that helps!

Do the EQUO products contain PLA?

Our sugarcane and coffee straws and utensils come in both non-PLA and PLA varieties. Our rice, grass and coconut straws are PLA free.

Can EQUO straws be used in hot liquids?

Yes, all of our straws (sugarcane, rice, grass, coconut and coffee straws) can be used in hot coffee and tea safely!


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