About Us

Our Mission

EQUO products are designed by harnessing the raw power of mother nature to replace single-use plastics. We are uncompromising in our mission - to provide a variety of truly eco-friendly solutions for everyday items. All of our products are 100% plastic-free, biodegradable, and compostable. Simply - we're here to rid the world of single-use plastic.

Inspired By Nature







Our Values


Community Support

Our materials are sourced from regions that support local farming initiatives and communities.


Minimal Impact

Truly eco-friendly solutions that leave the earth as naturally as they came in, impacting the earth as little as possible.


To Have Fun!

Saving the environment is serious business, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Sustainability CAN be fun!


Small Actions

Every action, no matter how small, is a step towards helping preserve the earth. You don't have to be perfectly sustainable to make a difference.

By 2050,
plastic will
marine life in
the ocean.

50% of all plastic produced is used only once, and a majority are used on average for LESS THAN 20 minutes. At EQUO, we want to make a positive change by providing amazing, natural alternatives to single-use plastics to preserve our oceans and our ocean friends!

The Story Behind EQUO

Our story began with our CEO Marina Tran-Vu, a Vietnamese Canadian who was shaken by the plastic pollution she saw in her homeland during a visit in 2019. She wanted to take action and protect the scenery of Vietnam, to create a better future for her newborn nephew, and to show the world that Vietnam can be a leader in sustainability.

So she quit her corporate CAREER PATH and started EQUO, a brand symbolizing her passion for the environment, her admiration for Vietnamese culture, and her entrepreneurial spirit. From a small startup with big dreams, EQUO has become an international business with customers in 15 countries, amplifying our global impact.

Join us on our journey to make a difference. Together, we can make plastic history.

Our Hopes For The Future

Our goal is to drive educational awareness about the plastic pollution problem globally and to give people a reason to care about a generally overlooked category by building a bright, attention-grabbing brand.

Our aim is to make plastic-alternatives widely available with firstly drinking straws and utensils, in order to force production to slow down and eventually be eliminated altogether for single-use plastics.

Approximately 50% of all the plastics produced on the planet is used only once – if the world starts to replace these with sustainable alternatives, these small solutions can have a big impact.