Plastic pollution is
a serious problem.

If we don't act immediately, there will be more plastic than sea animals in the ocean (by weight) by 2050. Most of this plastic is made up of single-used plastic straws and utensils carelessly thrown away. By making a conscious choice of switching to eco-friendly and home-compostable solutions, we can prevent this crisis from worsening!

Sustainable Development Goals

EQUO's initiatives address 5 sustainable development goals of the United Nations - a shared plan for a better future.

Truly Sustainable Products

EQUO products are designed by harnessing the power of raw nature to replace single-use plastics. Made from materials that would normally be discarded in landfills, all our products are 100% plastic-free and compostable. They are designed to disappear, leaving the earth just as naturally as they entered.

Our Materials


Sustainable Packaging

Water-Based Coating

In addition to using sustainably sourced and recyclable paper, we utilize a water-based coating technology instead of regular plastic, ensuring our promise of being 100% compostable and biodegraddable.

Recyclable Cartons

For bulk orders, products will be packed in cartons using recycled paper, with no plastic or glue inner layers. While we still use packing tape due to their versatility and durability, we would like to eventually switch to other more sustainable adhesive options. Just as each of us is still learning and adapting to a life-long sustainable lifestyle, EQUO is committed to improving our sustainability processes in the future.

Sustainable Design

Our retail packaging has a snap-on bottom with a sturdy clip which not only guarantees function, but also eliminates the usage of plastic and toxic chemicals commonly found in packaging production.