This planet we all call home is not what it used to be. Now drowning in plastic waste and the harmful effects that come with it, tiny plastic particles are polluting not only the soil and oceans but also our well-being on this planet. The use of plastic seems to be unavoidable in many aspects of daily life, but it is not too late to make make a change!  More and more people are advocating and searching for sustainable options in order to heal the environment, rather than harm it. Suffocating under all of the information available about the harsh realities of climate change, the creation of grass straws has been a breath of fresh air. 

Be the change we need with a simple choice - a bright green plastic straw that will be used once and discarded to the pile of harmful products that will never decompose, or choose an equally vibrant green drinking straw made of grass. Let us share some of the secrets that make grass straws such an incredible alternative.

What Are Grass Straws?

It is safe to say it is time to give our planet a break and to kick-start its healing process, and that may even come from the Earth itself. For the Earth and from the Earth, grass straws are just what you may have been looking for!  

Grass straws are made from organically grown Lepironia Articulata grass (sedge grass). This harvesting of straws does not disrupt the cycle of its ecosystem, as the grass is naturally occurring in the farm it is found in. From the initial time of production to the last user that throws it into the rubbish, these Vietnam grass straws will decompose without leaking toxic substances. 

The grass is harvested and treated with care and consideration for the environment, so even from its manufacture to sitting on the shelf, these evironmentally friendly straws do not absorb or consume energy that may leave a carbon footprint, instead being naturally sterilized and dried with sunlight.  

There is a common but ungrounded conception that due to the all-natural production process of grass straws, they may be less durable than man-made or plastic material might. Let us diminish these doubts - they are indeed as effective as a traditional plastic straw, with all the features that make them so convenient for the user. Place these sturdy organic straws in your iced coffee or warm lemon water to rejuvenate and refresh with the knowledge you are making a difference! Truly living up to the name ‘nature’s drinking straws.’

grass straws made of Lepironia Articulata

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Types of Grass Straws

Dried Grass Straws

Dried grass straws immediately capture attention with their pastel green coloring. After being lovingly hand-picked by the farmers, the grass is then dried and placed under direct sunlight. To complete the manufacturing process, some modern drying techniques may be applied to speed and strengthen this drying operation.  

Dried grass straws have the notable attraction of coming with an extended preservation period, allowing users to keep their biodegradable straws for up to 180 days if stored in neutral temperature-controlled environments. In case of extending its usage to over a year, it is advised to store your biodegradable dried grass straws in the refrigerator between 4-7 degrees Celsius.

If you are a growing business in the Food and Beverage industry looking to preserve larger quantities of these grass straws in a cost-effective manner, EQUO is your one-stop biodegradable straws wholesale to offer a helping hand. 

When placing a bulk order of dried grass straws from EQUO, we can further extend your usage and preservation of the plant-based compostable straws by splitting your order into multiple, staggered deliveries. Each shipment ensures committing to quality-controlled, recent products with the latest manufacture date to eliminate any concerns regarding potentially expired grass straws.

dried grass straws

Fresh Grass Straws

Fresh grass straws are a deeper hue of yellow. Without drying technologies that may be used for dried grass, these are naturally dried by basking in sunlight before packaging. 

In further comparison to dried grass, the preservation duration of fresh grass drinking straws shortens in length. They are optimal if used for a few days at average temperatures, whereas storing fresh grass straws in the refrigerator can extend this time period up to 30 days if kept between 4-7 degrees Celsius. 

How are Grass Straws Made?

Coming from the soil and Earth itself, biodegradable dried and fresh grass straws are more than an artificially manufactured product. Instead, the guidelines and steps toward producing a grass straw are a result of craftsmanship and the materials alone. There is no requirement for large amounts of energy consumption and there are no harmful preservatives or chemicals present in these compostable straws, from the strand of grass to the final product in your glass. Relish your healthy values and beliefs by incorporating the use of grass drinking straws to further offset polluting habits. 

Here are seven simple steps to make grass straws: 

Step 1: Harvest 

Experienced farmers carefully hand-pick the highest quality grass. 

Step 2: Clean

The farmers will then wash the harvested grass with clean water. 

Step 3: Sterilize

The grass will be soaked in specialized concoctions to disinfect.

Step 4: Cut The Grass

After thoroughly washing the grass, the manufacturers cut it to size. 

Step 5: Sort

The grass straws will then be classed as groups, based on the size or quantity of customer orders. 

Step 6: Dry 

The straws are then left in sunlight for hours, before being dried under the drying machine to remove humidity for dried grass, or naturally under sunlight for fresh grass. 

Step 7: Package 

Before finalizing packing for the straws, the manufacturers will undergo quality control. The straws will be given the green light to be packaged once they have successfully met all the criteria, not forgetting manufacturing standards and exact customer requirements.

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grass straws making process

Why Should You Use Grass Straws?

There are a plethora of incredible and convincing reasons to transition from plastic to types of biodegradable straws such as grass straws.

Plastic Pollution Reduction

Unlike plastic, these biodegradable compostable straws will not emit harmful toxins or microplastics into our environment, safe for animals, habitats, and humans alike. They have an accelerated decomposition rate, composing completely within 6 months, raising the bar to a plastics rate of hundreds of years. 

The use of grass straws in your daily life will not reduce, but instead avoid, the increasing statistics of plastic waste each year.

Animal Life Protection

It’s impossible to avoid the heartbreaking images of beloved sea creatures being directly effected by plastic pollution, all around the globe. We snapped into reality when a video of a sea turtle suffering with a plastic straw lodged in its nostril became viral on our social networks, instigating a new audience and awareness of the damage being done to marine life.  

We should all try our best to educate not only ourselves but others around us about natural straw alternatives that can truly have a positive effect. Decomposing quickly, these sustainable straws remain safe for human use and animal ingestion - what’s not to love?!

Human Health Protection

When soaked in hot water, plastic straws can release harmful microplastics that are shrouded in toxins. Removing these materials enables grass straws to serve solely as a means to enjoy your favorite drink, without affecting your health or nutritional intake. Originating chemical and preservative free, these plasticless straws are guaranteed 100% safe for human consumption and health. 

Keep The Original Taste Of The Drink

Grass straws are beneficially neutral, without outputting any taste or smell. Your drink of choice rests assured to remain unaffected by any polarizing tastes, so you can continue to savor the moment.

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Grass Straws from EQUO - 100% Natural, Plastic-Free, Compostable

Among the increasing number of sustainable providers, grass straws are making their mark and setting a trend for suppliers. Knowledgeable, caring, and considerate, choosing EQUO as your trustworthy supplier for bulk or small quantities of grass straws will be a brilliant choice. 

EQUO proudly represents a brand that provides and educates the public on new and sustainable alternatives to plastic straws. If you are drawn to the spritely, impressive design and colors of all shades of the rainbow, let EQUO grass straws entice you further with eco-friendly facts and advantages so you can begin to leave your mark on the world better than you found it.

 EQUO natural straws encourage you to discover their:

  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Eye-catching and vibrant colors.
  • Simple to dispose of and quickly compostable.
  • Suitable in both hot and cold drinks.
  • Safe for both children and adults to use.
  • Reusable multiple times a day if stored and cared for correctly.
EQUO grasss straws

If you are on the hunt for more sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, join the EQUO world - forever an eco-friendly brand with no shortage of plastic-free products for yourself or your business. Visit our online shop to buy biodegradable straws in bulk or small quantities and start filling your cart with specially designed eco-friendly products!

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