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7 Best Biodegradable Compostable Straws Made From Plants

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7 Best Biodegradable Compostable Straws Made From Plants

The natural beauty of our planet once was pristine, spectacular, and seemed untouchable, but due to the massive amounts of plastic waste that are being released into our oceans, the planet has taken a harsh blow. If it isn’t possible to turn back the clock and undo our damage to the environment, the least we can do is refrain from adding to the problem. What can we change in our daily life to stop polluting and reduce our carbon footprint? One simple idea stands out - Let’s replace plastic straws with compostable straws made entirely of plants!

Here we will provide you with not one, but multiple options for plant-based compostable straws. Scroll down to learn motivating and informative facts about each product and get ready to select your new favorite straw!

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What are Plant-based Compostable Straws Made of?

As in its namesake, plant-based biodegradable straws are made of… plants! Using ingredients that can degrade quickly within weeks or months is the innovation we all need. Many species of plants can be used when making straws, but the most common ones are

  • Rice
  • Sugarcane
  • Grass
  • Coffee grounds
  • Coconut

Alternatively, you can also find some eco-friendly biodegradable straws made of the following ingredients:

  • Bamboo
  • Agave
  • Corn starch
  • Paper

Different Types of Compostable Straws Made from Plants

Listed below are some of the most common types of compostable straws made from plants:

Biodegradable Compostable Drinking Straws Made From Grass

Many manufacturers use sedge grass to create environmentally friendly straws. Experienced farmers expertly pick, wash, dry, cut, and shape the grass. They formulate these pieces of grass into thick and durable straws. There are 2 types of grass straws, both with their own unique benefits, which are: 

  • Fresh grass straws: High flexibility
  • Dried grass straws: High sturdiness, tasteless

EQUO Vietnam grass straws are made of fresh pieces of sedge grass, standing out among the rest with their naturally-occurring green shades. Feel at ease knowing these straws bring a guarantee of containing zero plastics or artificial materials. EQUO grass straw may not be edible, but they will biodegrade safely and decompose in the soil. 

Biodegradable Compostable Drinking Straws Made From Grass

EQUO Grass Straws

Eco-friendly Compostable Rice Drinking Straws

The rice straws are a result of the combination of two ingredients: rice flour and tapioca starch. Manufacturers mix these compostable straw materials with water to form their structure. The eye-catching colors of these natural straws are a result of natural vegetable and fruit juices. 

Similarly to coconut straws, rice straws are biodegradable and safe to eat. Users can even boil the straws in hot water to create family-favorite rice-based dishes. If that's not your cup of tea, throw them into your compost bin for a rapid and eco-friendly means of disposal. These organic straws will decompose naturally and rapidly, and as they contain zero traces of plastic, they thankfully won’t release toxins into the soil.

Eco-friendly Compostable Rice Drinking Straws

EQUO Rice Straws

Compostable Straws Made From Sugarcane

Sugarcane straws are made of a type of biodegradable waste, extracted from sugarcane trees, also known as ‘sugarcane bagasse’. This fibrous material is extremely sturdy and versatile. During production, manufacturers extract all juice from the bagasse before cutting and shaping them into drinking straw shapes. Another winning advantage to these sugarcane straws? They even spice up (or should we say sweeten?) your favorite drinks by adding a natural sweetness! EQUO biodegradable sugarcane straws are 100% plastic-free, and their natural bagasse is thick enough to ensure they last in hot and cold drinks. They may not be edible, but they will biodegrade in compost gardens.

Compostable Straws Made From Sugarcane

EQUO Sugarcane Straws

Coffee Straws Made From Coffee Grains

Coffee straws are ethically made out of a common household or business ingredient: ground coffee. Manufacturers are pioneering the movement to take full advantage of recycled waste, including leftover ground coffee beans. This plastic-free material is non-toxic and compostable, preserving not only your own bodily health, but also considering sustaining the beauty and liveliness of our environment. 

Although EQUO coffee straw is indeed made from coffee grounds, they are completely tasteless, proving suited to both those coffee-connoisseur or caffeine-adverse drinkers in your life!  Fortunately, you can enjoy a subtle yet delicious coffee aroma around your favorite drink with these sustainable straws, all while keeping its integral original flavor.

Coffee Straws Made From Coffee Grains

EQUO Coffee Straws

Compostable Coconut Straws

These not-paper biodegradable straws are made of fermented coconut water. The production process during manufacturing is complex and lengthy, including steps of heating, steaming, drying, hardening, all before finally shaping the material to resemble drinking straws. Thirst quenchers have no need to beware! Satisfy your cravings with your most loved drinks with coconut straws that are 100% tasteless and scentless.

Here at EQUO, our coconut straws are free of any and all chemicals or plastics. A fan favorite due to their durability and charming appearance, these coconut straws work perfectly in drinks at any temperature, whatever the craving! The soft texture ensures these biodegradable compostable straws are suitable for children and adults alike. Another inspiring  feature of these EQUO coconut straws is that they are not only both compostable and biodegradable, but also edible!

Compostable Coconut Straws

EQUO Coconut Straws

Reusable Compostable Bamboo Straws

Bamboo is prevalent among the eco-conscious market as one of the most common materials used to make biodegradable straw. The fibers of the bamboo are of a naturally tubular shape, which is convenient to construct straws. This material also has high flexibility and durability, and won’t snap easily during prolonged use. Due to this, they also sustain their form and their function for long periods of time in both hot and cold drinks. Bamboo straws place a crowning cherry on top when proving their reusability- once you have finished using them, then can simply be thrown into your garden or compost bin!

Reusable Compostable Bamboo Straws

Source: Internet

PLA Straws Made of Corn Starch

Corn starch is widely accepted as an effective material for making plastic-alternative products. This material is ideal to create polylactic acid, otherwise known as PLA. PLA is plant-based but is accompanied by the convenient features of plastic.  PLA straws may be considered thermoplastic products, however, they contain far fewer toxic substances and chemicals than traditional polypropylene plastics do.

Once the straws are discarded, the present PLA can take up to 80 years to degrade back into the earth. This number may seem shockingly higher than the decomposition lifespan of other aforementioned biodegradable straw alternatives. However, they can still be considered as part of the movement to reduce plastic waste levels, as this timeline is much shorter compared to the decade-long decomposition duration of traditional plastics.

Are Compostable Straws Made from Plants Better for the Environment?

Arguably, plant-based compostable straws are considered to always be a better alternative for the environment. We delve into some of the superior advantages plant-based straws have, compared to previously-used traditional plastic straws below:

The majority of plastic straws contain polypropylene, a material that takes up to 30 years to degrade completely. This dangerously long period of decomposition creates dire consequences that spread across the globe. Mainly, polypropylene releases high quantities of toxins into the environment. Unfortunately, one of the most harmful toxic substances within polypropylene is ‘cadmium’, a carcinogenic metal that destroys plants and animals. This substance can leak into landfills and the ocean, causing devastating results to both.

Some may consider the solution for reducing the breakdown time of plastics is to burn them down, but this is a much more deadly alternative. Once burned, plastic harms the environment by releasing dioxins and vinyl chloride.

Contrastingly, plant-based straw materials take only weeks or months to decompose entirely. The natural ingredients are free of all harmful substances, and instead of having a neutral effect when composing back into the earth, they enrich the soil.

Environment protection is now a non-negotiable task we all must be willing to undertake in some way, big or small. What better time to start than right now, firing the starting alarm and completing the race to use compostable straws made from plants instead of plastics, reducing our carbon footprint? If we do this, we can continue to hope that our planet will regain its natural beauty once more. 

There is no shortage of various types of plant-based compostable drinking straws for you to select, each one coming with its own distinctive features that suit different needs. Overall, many of these plasticless straws share two significantly similar characteristics: biodegradability and compostability. Place your trust in these natural products! 

EQUO provides a plethora of biodegradable natural straws as effective alternatives to plastic straws. Visit the online shop to buy these products here!

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