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Biodegradable Sugarcane Straws for Drinks: How Are They Made?

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biodegradable sugarcane straws

Gaining traction in 2019, many individuals, businesses, and large-scale companies have decided to place a strict ban on plastic worldwide. Due to an influx of footage, documentaries, science, and awareness, more people are beginning to understand the detrimental effects plastics create, and are feeling a sense of protection over Mother Nature.

Restaurants, cafes, and even bars are feeling the pressure to support this notion, replacing their single-use straws with biodegradable ones instead. The international phenomenon of trends and habits has coincided with the innovation of  plant-based straws. As a result, sugarcane straws have entered the market as a popular choice among those living a conscious lifestyle. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reduce pollution whilst also breathing a sigh of relief as you sip through a sugarcane straw, knowing you will be releasing one less plastic straw into the world.

How are Sugarcane Straws Made?

Sugar manufacturers underwent a process of trial and elimination as they attempted to handle the enormous amounts of byproduct created from their plants’ sugar processing known as bagasse. Lightning struck and a new renewable idea was born! Eco-friendly manufacturers recognized the excess bagasse would prove to be a remarkable, biodegradable alternative to single-use plastic.

Bagasse is a reliable material that can be found in an expansive list of household products, such as food containers, kitchen utensils, and our specialty, drinking straws. The pioneering of the production process in creating a final product made from bagasse that is both sustainable and long-lasting has led to the innovation of these 100% plant-based compostable straws. Recovering as a natural resource in the soil after disposal will assist in creating an infinite cycle of renewable resources for the community and environment. Not only sweet in taste, but also as a concept! 

If it seems as though the process of creating sugarcane straws is difficult to understand, let us ease your mind. Even the most amateur of bakers can follow a recipe to make the most mouth-watering cake, and the process of making sugarcane straws is just as simple. There will be no high-energy carbon emissions during this, only a selection of natural ingredients that will be ground into powder. Repeating the motion of kneading cake batter, this bagasse powder will be combined with water to make pellets. The final steps will bring these steps closer to arriving at your front door- specialized shaping and packaging steps will be completed to bring forth high-quality sugarcane straws to the market.

how sugarcane straws are made at EQUO

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Why Should You Use Sugarcane Drinking Straws for Drinks?

In order to appeal to a wide range of people and preferences, these sugarcane straws that derive from 100% natural ingredients and materials have been accepted by many individuals and businesses alike.  The Earth is one of the only things we all have in common, so why not make the change from plastics to biodegradable materials together? These biodegradable straws are not only a phase for users to breeze by, there are many compelling reasons as to why they are a legitimate and eco-friendly solution to single-use plastics. Not convinced yet? Let us change that!

The growing emergence we are observing of people pinpointing and searching explicitly for labels  when they select a product, almost out of second-nature checking if it states it is compostable!’ or ’biodegradable!’. This urge to ‘go green’ can be met by a simple answer- Sugarcane drinking straws.  Alongside the simple nature of their decomposition, these compostable straws have the added benefit of being entirely plant-based, so can be disposed of without leaving any potentially toxic substances on the land or the sea. 

Bagasse is celebrated for its durability and sturdiness, two factors essential when selecting the perfect yet practical multi-use straw. Their resilience, flexibility, and ability to withstand sitting in liquid whilst maintaining their original shape for your tasting satisfaction.  To put the sweet cherry on top, EQUO biodegradable sugarcane straws have a neutral taste, allowing your beverage to keep its integrity and not be affected by sweetness. 

Sugarcane straws check all the boxes: Compostable? Tick! Environmentally friendly? Tick! Add to cart now? Tick!

biodegradable sugarcane straws

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Non-plastic, Natural, Compostable Sugarcane Straws from EQUO

As a community, are faced with vast choices of biodegradable sugarcane straw suppliers and e-commerce websites. As a whole this allows wider awareness of natural straws, it leaves individual buyers with some uncertainty when choosing a supplier. EQUO’s sugarcane straws are 100% plastic-free and take into consideration not only the environment but the well-being of the user as well. Add it to the top of your list!

Besides the practicality of its ability to decompose more safely and rapidly than plastics, these sustainable straws can make a statement in any drink with their naturally speckled appearance. Dazzling ivory-white, these classic yet stunning straws will look right at home, providing the perfect accessory for your cocktail sipping at a events or among friends. There is no limit to the types beverages EQUO’s sugarcane straws complement, including sparkling sodas, water, freshly-squeezed juice, smoothies, boba, etc. The list is infinite! What drink will you be having with your sugarcane straw today?

EQUO biodegradable sugarcane straws

Frequently Asked Question

Can You Eat Sugar Cane Straws?

It is a misconception that sugarcane straws are edible. Although you cannot eat or digest them, these biodegradable compostable straws can decompose entirely. Without worries, throw away your natural straw responsibly after use and let nature do the rest!

sugarcane straws are not edible

Are Sugarcane Straws Biodegradable?

One fact that cannot be denied is the incredible biodegradability of these organic straws. Due to being 100% plant-based, it takes only months to fully decompose without toxic substances leaching out into the surrounding environment. 

Are Sugarcane Straws Reusable?

During the initial production stages, it was certain that the primary purpose of sugarcane straws would need to be reusable if they were to replace single-use plastic models completely. These environmentally friendly straws can be cleaned and reused multiple times throughout the day.

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Our goal in life is to live in agreement with nature, and we have to defend it when possible. We cannot continue to dump man-made waste into natural ecosystems, leaving plastics and other harmful products to forever pollute the earth.  Fortunately, we are living in the age of innovation and the tremendous compostability of sugarcane straws means we can still make a difference. 

If you’re looking for a loyal and knowledgeable ambassador for the protection and preservation of our environment, EQUO is the perfect place to start. Visit our website to explore the full range of our extensive sustainable collection and buy biodegradable straws now!

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