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Vietnam's Green Startups Spearhead Sustainable Growth in Record-Breaking Year 2023

Bởi Emily H.

In a groundbreaking year for sustainable development, Vietnam's green startups are capturing the spotlight as they attract substantial private funding and venture capital support.

Vietnamese Green Startups Shatter Records:

Reports from Deal Street Asia revealed that private funding for climate technology companies in Southeast Asia surpassed an unprecedented $1 billion in the first 11 months of 2022. Notably, this marks the first time that climate tech startups, specifically those dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change impacts, have raised over a billion dollars in a single year. This substantial increase significantly outpaces the $607 million raised throughout the entirety of 2021.

Venture Capital Embraces Green Initiatives:

Venture capitalist funds are increasingly turning their attention to startups focused on sustainable and eco-friendly practices. VSV Capital, a prominent fund operating in Vietnam since 2014, has invested in over 80 startups, with a keen interest in the green sector. Gibs Song, the director of VSV Capital, emphasizes their commitment to environmental protection and the urgent need for replacing non-renewable energy sources. The fund supports innovative solutions in battery recycling, solar cells, bioplastics, nano-cellulose fibers, and e-vehicles.

Success Stories in Sustainable Innovation:

In November, Dat Bike, a Vietnam-based electric motorbike startup, secured an impressive $8 million in a fundraising round led by Singapore-based Jungle Ventures. This brought Dat Bike's total funding to an impressive $16.5 million. Additionally, VECA, Vietnam's first mobile application for buying and selling scrap, announced a strategic partnership with Tetra Pak in November to expand their used beverage carton collection initiative across 18 districts in Ho Chi Minh City.

EQUO's Vision for a Plastic-Free Future:

Founder of EQUO - Marina Tran-Vu

Marina Tran-Vu, the founder and CEO of EQUO, a Vietnam-based sustainability startup, is pioneering fully plastic-free and compostable solutions made from materials such as coffee, coconut, and sugarcane. Marina asserts that businesses perceive sustainable development not as a passing trend but as an imperative market need. EQUO is at the forefront of the movement, providing eco-friendly alternatives to replace single-use plastics.


As Vietnam's green startups break funding records and garner global attention, they underscore the industry's vital role in driving sustainable practices. EQUO, Dat Bike, and VECA exemplify Vietnam's commitment to innovative solutions, urging businesses to prioritize sustainability not just as a trend but as an essential response to the pressing needs of our environment.

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