Mar 2nd, 24

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Podcast: Sweet Sweet Sustainability with Marina Tran-Vu

Bởi Emily H.


In the podcast : "Sweet Sweet Sustainability with Marina Tran-Vu,” aired on Startup Canada, the founder and CEO of EQUO shares insights into sustainable alternatives to plastic, specifically focusing on the environmental advantages of compostable straws. One key aspect highlighted is EQUO's commitment to providing consumers with a diverse range of material options, boasting five different choices: grass, rice, coconut, sugarcane, and coffee. This approach empowers consumers to make environmentally conscious decisions based on their preferences.

Marina emphasizes the dual impact of plant-based compostable straws — not only as a sustainable alternative to plastic but also as a means of creating employment opportunities for farmers in Southeast Asia and Vietnam. By challenging the conventional use of single-use plastics, EQUO aims to contribute positively to both environmental conservation and socioeconomic development.

The podcast also sheds light on Marina Tran Vu's entrepreneurial journey with EQUO, underscoring significant milestones such as features in prestigious platforms like Forbes and participation in Shark Tank Vietnam. Additionally, Marina holds the distinction of being the first Canadian-Vietnamese startup to gain admission into Techstars Toronto in 2021. Through her endeavors, Marina exemplifies the intersection of sustainability, innovation, and social impact in the business landscape.

Let's listen to this inspiring podcast to learn more:


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