Apr 15th, 24

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Taking Action for Environmental Awareness Month: 10 Easy Ways to Make a Big Impact

By Son Vu

In today's world, environmental protection is becoming an increasingly important issue, and we all have a responsibility to participate in collective action to protect the planet. Environmental Action Month is an important time to remind and call people to take action together to create positive change. Below are 10 simple actions EQUO recommends that everyone can take to respond to Environmental Action Month to contribute to environmental protection and create great changes.

1. Replace plastic straws with natural straws

People gradually prioritize products of natural origin and are looking for solutions to replace plastic straws that both ensure compliance with regulations and do not affect quality. EQUO is proud to offer biodegradable straw solutions to meet all your needs.

EQUO straws are made from 100% natural materials, completely decomposing in the environment, helping you feel secure in complying with the ban on plastic straws. EQUO straws have the same hardness and toughness as plastic straws, providing a familiar and convenient drinking experience for customers. EQUO products are certified for food safety, do not contain BPA and other toxic substances, and are safe for users' health. EQUO straws can be used for both hot and cold drinks without affecting taste or quality.

Some types of EQUO 100% natural straws:

  • Grass straws: EQUO grass straws are crafted from 100% dried sedge grass, boasting a vibrant green hue and a subtle tea-like scent. Elevate your drinking experience with these eco-friendly alternatives, ensuring a refreshing sip every time.
  • Coffee straws: EQUO coffee straws are innovatively crafted from coffee grounds, entirely free of plastic, and designed to fully decompose in natural environments. With no caffeine content, they emit a delightful aroma reminiscent of freshly brewed coffee, enhancing your drinking experience without altering the flavor of your beverage. These straws offer the durability of plastic alternatives, remaining sturdy and reusable throughout the day, while never becoming soggy.
  • Coconut straws:Crafted from natural coconut fermented water, our straws offer a tropical twist to every sip with their durable construction, luxurious off-white color, and delicate coconut scent. Free from plastics and harmful chemicals, these coconut straws decompose in nature within months, presenting an ideal alternative to traditional plastic and paper straws.
  • Rice straws: EQUO's edible rice straws are crafted from a blend of rice starch and tapioca starch, ensuring complete biodegradability in natural environments. Moreover, our production process incorporates ingredients from various plants such as green leaves, gardenia, sweet guards, and butterfly pea flowers, resulting in a range of natural and visually appealing colors for the straws.
  • Sugarcane bagasse straws: EQUO's eco-friendly sugarcane straws are crafted solely from sugarcane bagasse, free from any plastics or chemicals, ensuring complete decomposition in natural environments. Featuring a subtle brown sugar scent and neutral taste that doesn't alter your drink, these straws provide the same durability as plastic alternatives while prioritizing environmental sustainability. They retain their structure and resist sogginess, available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different beverages

EQUO provides 100% natural straws, the ideal substitute for plastic alternatives! With a range of sizes and colors, EQUO caters to all your needs, whether for business or personal use. If you own a restaurant, café, or bar, opting for bulk purchases of environmentally friendly EQUO straws not only saves costs but also contributing to reduce single-use plastic waste.

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2. Use food containers from natural ingredients

Using food containers made from natural materials like bagasse is a smart and sustainable option for the environment. It helps cut down on the use of natural resources and reduces plastic waste, as well as lowering the risk of environmental pollution.

EQUO's sugarcane food containers are created from renewable, quickly decomposing sugarcane bagasse. They're tough, able to withstand impacts, waterproof, and help keep food fresh. Additionally, all EQUO bagasse box products are tested and certified by BPI, BRCS, and DIN.

EQUO is an excellent choice for restaurants and catering businesses aiming for sustainable development.

For more information about EQUO's bagasse box products, please visit:

>> https://shopequo.com/vi/collections/food-containers

Use food containers from natural ingredients

3. Bring a personal water bottle instead of disposable plastic cups

Opting for a personal water bottle over disposable plastic cups might seem like a small change, but its environmental impact is significant. The widespread use of single-use plastic cups has worsened the global plastic pollution crisis, leading to harmful contamination of oceans and land. Personal water bottles offer a practical solution, reducing plastic waste while ensuring your drinking water remains clean and safe.

To combat single-use plastic waste and promote an eco-friendly message, we introduce the EQUO Tumbler. This reusable bottle offers several outstanding advantages:

  • 500ml volume capacity.
  • Excellent heat retention capability.
  • Exceptional durability thanks to its 2-layer stainless steel (304) inner wall.
  • Eurofins certification guarantees it contains no heavy metals, ensuring complete safety.
  • Leak-proof design prevents water leakage and ensures the lid stays securely in place.
  • Choose the EQUO Water Bottle for a sustainable and stylish hydration solution.
Bring a personal water bottle instead of disposable plastic cups

4. Choose sustainable fashion

Choosing sustainable fashion is an important step in minimizing the fashion industry's impact on the environment. Sustainable fashion is often produced from recycled materials or sourced from sustainable resources such as organic cotton, organic wool, or lyocell from bamboo wood. By choosing sustainable fashion, we can reduce waste from the fashion industry, reduce our consumption of natural resources and energy, and support businesses committed to their products. sustainable export.

Choose sustainable fashion

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5. Throw trash in the right place, and do not litter indiscriminately

Disposing of trash in the right place is a basic but important action to maintain cleanliness and protect the surrounding environment. Littering indiscriminately not only pollutes the environment but also affects the health of humans and animals. By disposing of waste properly, we can keep our surroundings clean, reduce the risk of water and land pollution, and promote a sense of responsibility and care for the environment in the community.

Throw trash in the right place, and do not litter indiscriminately

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6. Participate in waste collection activities

Participating in waste collection activities is an effective way to help clean up the environment and reduce pollution. These activities include organizing or participating in trash collection campaigns in public areas, beaches, parks, or streets. By participating, we not only help clean up our surroundings but also create a spirit of solidarity and join hands to protect our planet.

Participate in waste collection activities

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7. Save water and electricity

Using water and electricity sparingly is an important way to minimize water and energy consumption, while also reducing emissions and pollution. To do this, measures can be taken such as repairing devices that lose water, using energy-saving devices, turning off lights when not in use, and using water sources consciously.

Save water and electricity

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8. Switch to using renewable energy sources

Switching to using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power is an important step in reducing emissions and pollution from fossil energy sources. Renewable energy sources are not only clean and renewable, but they also help reduce operating costs and save natural resources. At the same time, the use of renewable energy sources also contributes to promoting sustainable development and minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Switch to using renewable energy sources

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9. Plant trees and protect forests

Planting trees and protecting forests are important activities to protect the environment and maintain the ecological balance of the planet. Planting trees not only helps absorb carbon and provide oxygen to the environment but also helps improve air quality and reduce the risk of flooding. Forest protection is also important to keep natural ecosystems intact and ensure animal livelihoods.

Plant trees and protect forests

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10. Use public transportation

Using public transport is an effective way to reduce emissions and air pollution from personal vehicles. By switching to buses, trains or electric vehicles, we can reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances that contribute to air pollution. At the same time, using public transportation also helps reduce traffic congestion and save energy.

Use public transportation

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Environmental Action Month is an international campaign to increase awareness and encourage action to protect the environment around the world. During Environmental Action Month, activities such as organizing clean-up campaigns, planting trees, focusing on saving energy and water resources, and increasing public awareness of environmental issues are organized. organized all over the world. This campaign not only emphasizes the importance of the environment for human health and survival but also emphasizes the role each person plays in preserving and protecting our planet.

Join EQUO in participating in Environmental Action Month by taking these simple actions. Every small step we take today can make a big difference to the future of our planet. Take control of your actions and work towards a green, clean, and sustainable living environment for us and future generations.

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