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Zero Waste 101: Understanding the Basics and How to Start

By Son Vu

Waste is currently a pressing issue for society, causing environmental pollution and threatening human health. According to the World Bank, annual municipal solid waste (MSW) has increased to 2 billion tons and is expected to reach 3.4 billion tons by 2050. This is a serious signal regarding the global waste management issue.

In response to this situation, Zero Waste has become an increasingly captivating movement within the community. So, what is Zero Waste? In this article, EQUO will explore the concept of Zero Waste, its role, and the principles needed for effective implementation.

1. What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is a movement and lifestyle aimed at minimizing and drastically reducing the generation of waste in daily life, especially harmful and non-biodegradable waste.

2. The Role of Zero Waste

Zero Waste plays a crucial role in minimizing the negative impact of waste on the environment and human health. By promoting a zero-waste lifestyle, Zero Waste contributes to protecting resources, reducing pollution, and building a responsible community for our planet.

The Role of Zero Waste
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3. 5R Principles - Living the Zero Waste Lifestyle

"Zero Waste" is not just a trend; it has become a new standard for those who care about the environment. To adopt a lifestyle that minimizes waste generation, adhere to the 5R principles.

3.1. Refuse – Say no to unnecessary items

  • Refuse plastic straws, plastic spoons, and nylon bags when purchasing drinks.

3.2. Reduce – Cut down on possessions, shop consciously

  • Contribute and dispose of unused items.
  • Think carefully before shopping, only buy what is truly necessary.

3.3. Reuse – Reuse everyday items

  • Bring a personal water bottle, thermos, and cloth bag when shopping.
  • Repair and reuse old items.
  • Purchase second-hand items and utilize their full functionality.

3.4. Recycle – Recycle waste

  • Sort waste for recycling according to materials: paper, plastic, metal, glass.
  • Send recyclable waste to collection organizations for proper processing.

3.5. Rot – Compost organic waste

  • Use food scraps to create fertilizer for plants. Keep fruit peels, stems, and vegetable roots, combine them with soil to create compost.

The Zero Waste lifestyle is a sustainable way of living that helps minimize waste and protect the environment. By applying the above 5 principles, each of us can contribute to building a cleaner, greener world.

5R Principles - Living the Zero Waste Lifestyle
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4. Practicing a Zero Waste Lifestyle Every Day

Practicing the Zero Waste lifestyle is a humane and economical action that yields high efficiency in protecting the environment and preserving resources. By applying simple and feasible steps in daily life, we can all contribute to creating a more sustainable future.

4.1. At Home

  • Reuse old items and clothing.
  • Sort waste for recycling.
  • Grow vegetables and flowers to utilize organic waste.
  • Use energy-saving devices and repair leaky faucets to save electricity and water.
Zero Waste At Home
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4.2. While Shopping

  • Bring a cloth bag for shopping.
  • Choose products with environmentally friendly packaging.

4.3. When Dining at Restaurants

  • Order just enough food to avoid food waste.
  • Bring a container from home to pack leftovers.

4.4. When Traveling

  • Avoid buying and bringing single-use plastic products: cups, bowls, spoons, straws, etc.
  • Bring a bag for waste disposal and dispose of it in designated areas.
Zero Waste When Traveling
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4.5. At School

  • Bring a personal water bottle, a lunch box, and utensils from home to minimize packaging waste.
  • Save paper by printing double-sided and using recycled paper.

4.6. When Working

  • Walk or bike to work if the distance is not too far.
  • Carpool or use public transportation if the distance is greater.
  • Prepare lunch from home to avoid buying food outside.

EQUO - Sustainable Brand Supporting a Zero Waste Lifestyle

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Practicing the Zero Waste lifestyle is not just a task to reduce waste but also a journey of understanding the balance between personal needs and community responsibility. EQUO believes that through small daily actions, we can align ourselves with the common trend to build a sustainable and waste-free future. Let's together reuse and reduce food waste for a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable living environment for future generations. EQUO hopes to accompany everyone on this journey, and through solidarity, we can aim for a future that we collectively expect and deserve.

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