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Earth Day April 22: Action For A Green Planet

Bởi Son Vu

More than an annual event, Earth Day is an urgent call to action, a wake-up call about increasingly serious environmental problems. Over the years since the first day it was held, this event has become the common voice of all humanity, affirming the importance of protecting the environment and preserving the "common home." In this article, let's join EQUO to learn the meaning of Earth Day and how each individual can join hands to act for a green planet.

1. Introduction to Earth Day

Earth - our common home is facing many serious environmental problems such as climate change, environmental pollution, and depletion of natural resources. Environmental pollution is at an alarming rate, causing many health problems and affecting the ecosystem. Recognizing the importance of protecting the environment, Earth Day was born as a strong call to action.

1.1. What is Earth Day? When does it take place?

Earth Day is an international environmental event held on April 22 every year. This is a day to call on everyone to join hands to protect the environment, fight climate change, and conserve natural resources.

What is Earth Day? When does it take place?

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1.2. History of the birth of Earth Day

The birth history of Earth Day marks an important turning point in the journey to protect the environment.

  • In 1970, Earth Day was organized for the first time by Gaylord Nelson, a US senator.
  • His idea came from the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, which made him aware of the importance of protecting the environment.
  • This event attracted the participation of more than 20 million people in 20 countries, marking an important turning point in the history of environmental protection.

1.3. Meaning of Earth Day

Earth Day has many great meanings, not only as a reminder of the importance of protecting the environment but also as:

  • Raising public awareness about environmental issues is an opportunity for people to learn about environmental issues and their impact on life.
  • Encourage people to protect the environment through inspiring practical actions, from the smallest things such as saving energy, and recycling waste to participating in environmental protection activities.
  • Promote international cooperation, serving as a bridge for countries to join hands to solve global environmental problems.
Meaning of Earth Day

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Earth Day is an important event with great significance, contributing to creating a green and sustainable future for our planet. Let's join hands to protect the Earth, for ourselves, and future generations.

2. Theme of Earth Day 2024

Earth Day 2024 calls for global action to fight plastic pollution. With the theme "Planet vs. Plastics", the campaign focuses on reducing the use of single-use plastic and moving towards a more sustainable future.

Theme of Earth Day 2024

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Plastic is a useful material in many fields, but its excessive and uncontrolled use has caused serious consequences for the environment:

  • Environmental pollution: Plastic released into the environment, especially disposable plastic, is not biodegradable, leading to soil, water, and ocean pollution.
  • Harmful to wildlife: Animals often mistake plastic for food, leading to death or serious injury.
  • Impact on human health: Plastic decomposes into microplastics that can enter the food chain and affect human health.

Our planet is at risk of being covered in plastic waste. This is an urgent issue that requires the joint contributions of every individual, organization, and government. Take action today to protect the Earth!

3. Activities to respond to Earth Day

To respond to Earth Day, we must take practical actions to protect our blue planet. Below are some simple activities that anyone can do.

3.1. Use environmentally friendly products instead of disposable plastic

The first practical action to protect the environment is to replace disposable plastic products with more friendly materials. This change, although small, has a huge impact, helping to reduce plastic waste and protect our living environment.

EQUO is proud to offer a variety of environmentally friendly products, helping you easily replace disposable plastic products in your daily life.

  • Natural straw set that decomposes itself: Made from coffee, bagasse, coconut, grass, and rice, safe for health, and completely compostable in the natural environment.
  • Food containers: Made from sugarcane bagasse, which is a sustainable natural resource that is renewable and decomposes quickly. The outstanding characteristics of bagasse fiber lie in its durability, flexibility in packaging, and breathable and waterproof qualities.
  • Utensils: This is a great choice for eco-friendly and durable tableware sets.

Let's join hands with EQUO to use environmentally friendly products. For more information about EQUO product lines, please visit the following link:


Use environmentally friendly products instead of disposable plastic

3.2. Say "no" to fast fashion

The fast fashion industry is one of the industries that pollutes the environment the most. To protect the Earth, we need to change our shopping habits towards sustainable fashion. Prioritize shopping for sustainable fashion brands and limit purchasing items that are only used for a short time or choosing second-hand clothes to change your style.

Say "no" to fast fashion

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3.3. Use water and electricity sparingly

Water and electricity are valuable resources that play an important role in human life. The economic use of water and electricity not only helps protect the environment but also brings economic benefits to each family and community. Turn off the faucet when not in use; Water used for domestic purposes such as vegetable washing water or rice water can be used to water plants, clean the house, or wash cars. Besides, to save electricity, you can turn off electrical appliances such as TVs, fans, lights, etc. when not in use to avoid wasting electricity.

Use water and electricity sparingly

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3.4. Use public transportation

To minimize harmful emissions, limit the use of motorbikes and personal cars. Instead, walk or bike for short distances, and prioritize using public transportation like buses and subways.

Use public transportation

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3.5. Plant trees and protect forests

Trees play an important role in purifying the air and reducing CO2 emissions. Plant trees at home, and work, participate in afforestation and forest protection activities. Limit the use of wood and paper products to contribute to protecting the forest ecosystem.

Plant trees and protect forests

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3.6. Propaganda to raise community awareness

Each individual needs to raise awareness of environmental protection and spread this message to the community. Share your knowledge about environmental protection on social networks, participate in propaganda and community education activities, and encourage everyone to join hands to protect the Earth.

Propaganda to raise community awareness

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These actions to protect the environment are extremely simple to implement, turn them into a habit in daily life to contribute to building a green - clean - beautiful environment for yourself and future generations.

The Earth is our common home, so protecting the environment becomes the responsibility of each individual. Starting from the smallest changes such as saving energy, using environmentally friendly products, and reducing plastic waste, to propagating environmental protection activities in the community. Let's join forces with EQUO, take small actions to create a green Earth Day, and aim for a sustainable future for future generations.

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