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10+ Environmentally Friendly Gifts For Green Lifestyle Lovers

Bởi Son Vu

The trend of green living is gaining traction in modern society as more people prioritize environmental protection. Opting for environmentally friendly gifts is an excellent choice for those committed to a green lifestyle, showcasing the giver's heartfelt sentiments while also contributing to planet preservation. EQUO is delighted to offer 10+ compelling and thoughtful gift suggestions tailored for individuals who cherish sustainable living, ideal for sharing with relatives, friends, or colleagues.

1. Straws made from 100% natural materials

Environmentally friendly straws made from 100% plant-based materials offer a sustainable alternative that is free from chemicals or toxic substances, and they are compostable, aiding in environmental protection. In the realm of sustainability, these products not only represent a savvy consumer trend but also serve as an excellent gift choice for individuals devoted to living a green lifestyle.

Unlike plastic straws, these compostable straws are made from plant-based materials so it can completely decompose within a short time. Moreover, they are entirely free from plastic, non-toxic, and pose no risk to users' health, making them a superior choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Some types of compostable straws are popular on the market today:

  • Grass straws: Made from 100% sedge, without chemical treatment during production. Straws can be used for both hot and cold drinks for a long time.
  • Rice straws: Crafted from 100% rice flour and cassava flour, complemented by natural colors extracted from green leaves, gardenia, sweet guard, and butterfly pea flowers, these edible straws offer a unique and eco-friendly alternative. As all ingredients are derived from plants, these rice straws effortlessly decompose in natural environments. Perfect for gifting, this line of edible straws ensures not only sustainability but also an enjoyable and guilt-free experience for the recipient.
  • Sugarcane bagasse straws: These natural straws are crafted from sugarcane bagasse, a byproduct of agriculture that helps minimize resource waste. Sugarcane straws boast a light, sweet scent and natural color, offering an eco-friendly alternative for conscious consumers. Notably, these straws are durable as they do not soften or disintegrate when in contact with water, ensuring a reliable and sustainable drinking experience.
  • Coffee straws: This environmentally friendly straw stands out for its plastic-free composition and ability to completely decompose in natural environments. Crafted from 100% natural ingredients like coffee grounds, it boasts a delicate, fresh-brew-coffee aroma and natural color. They are so durable that you can reuse them several times within a day.
  • Coconut straws: Coconut straws are one of the environmentally friendly products that many people choose as a green living gift. To replace plastic straws, the product ingredients are completely plastic-free and made from 100% fermented coconut water combined with exclusive technology in Vietnam.
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2. Environmentally friendly dining utensils

Environmentally friendly dining utensils are gifts to those who love a green lifestyle. The utensil set includes knives, spoons, and forks that are completely free of wax or plastic, helping them easily decompose in nature in less than 1 year.

To replace plastic products, these products are made from natural materials, close to human life, do not contain plastic, and completely decompose in the natural environment.


  • Completely decomposes in the environment within 6 months.
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • No preservatives. No chemicals or toxic substances.
  • Withstands temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius.

3. Paper cups with plastic-free water coating technology

Are you looking for a gift that is both meaningful and environmentally friendly? Paper cups coated with water are the perfect choice for those who love a green lifestyle! Unlike regular cups, water-coated paper cups use modern technology and do not contain PP, PE, or PLA plastic. Thanks to that, the production process minimizes carbon emissions, and the glass also completely decomposes in the natural environment after only 18 weeks, without harming the environment.

4. Food containers made from bagasse

Food containers made from sugarcane bagasse will be a unique and meaningful choice for gifts for those who love a green lifestyle. Using recycled materials from bagasse not only shows creativity but is also an environmentally friendly approach, and shows the donor's concern and sharing with the environment.

EQUO's food storage set includes containers, bowls, plates, and trays, and all have superior features such as being plastic-free, being able to be soaked in water for 2 hours or more, being rust-proof, and being able to Heat resistant up to 100°C and safe for microwave use, and decomposes naturally within 6 months. All products are clinically tested and certified by BPI, BRCS, and DIN. This food storage set is designed with many different sizes and capacities, suitable for all uses such as serving takeout food, camping, parties, and outdoor events.

Food containers made from bagasse

5. Natural sprout pencil

For young enthusiasts of green living, an innovative product like the natural sprout pencil made from recycled newspaper stands out as the ideal gift choice. Replacing wooden materials for pencil bodies with recycled paper aims to limit the unnecessary exploitation of forest resources for the environment. Furthermore, the end of the pencil also contains many different seeds such as chili, tomato, cucumber, mustard, or okra seeds,... so you can grow them in pots at home.

Natural sprout pencil

6. Stainless steel thermos water bottle

Stainless steel thermos water bottles are a great gift choice for anyone. They are durable, and practical, and can help people keep their drinks at the desired temperature for hours. To reduce single-use plastic waste and aim at an environmentally friendly message, thermos water bottles that can be used many times, with a lovely design, suitable for many outstanding advantages such as:

  • Bottle volume 500ml.
  • High heat retention ability.
  • High durability with 2-layer stainless steel (304) inner wall.
  • Eurofins certified - contains no heavy metals and is completely safe to use.
  • There is no water leakage or the lid easily falls out.
Stainless steel thermos water bottle

7. Canvas tote bag

If you are looking for a gift that is both truly useful and environmentally friendly, the tote bag is the perfect choice. These tote bags are not only fashionable but also made from natural, environmentally friendly materials. With many designs and styles, you can choose a tote bag that suits the recipient's preferences and aesthetic taste.

Canvas tote bag

8. Mini tabletop plant pot

A mini plant pot for the table is a wonderful and meaningful green gift. It not only makes the working or studying space closer to nature but also helps enhance fresh air and mental comfort. Caring for and observing plants is also a great way to reduce stress and create balance in daily life.

Mini tabletop plant pot

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9. Handmade soap

Handmade soap is a great gift choice for people with a green lifestyle who care about the environment and their health. Handmade soaps are made with natural ingredients and do not contain toxic chemicals that can harm the environment or skin. They also come in a variety of colors, shapes, and scents, so you can find the perfect soap for anyone.

Handmade soap

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10. Creative rattan basket

Bamboo and rattan are natural materials, biodegradable, and can be reused many times. This is the perfect gift choice for those who love a green lifestyle and want to protect the environment. Bamboo and rattan baskets possess a rustic and simple beauty but are no less sophisticated and luxurious. Each basket is a unique handmade work, demonstrating the meticulousness and ingenuity of the weaver.

Creative rattan basket

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Choosing appropriate meaningful gifts for loved ones who support a green lifestyle is not only an expression of love and care but also a way for us to contribute to the protection and sustainable development of the planet. This. With the list of 10+ environmentally friendly gifts for green lifestyle lovers that EQUO has provided, together we have discovered unique and meaningful options, from products made from renewable materials. Crafting meticulously crafted objects. EQUO hopes that this list has given you ideas and inspiration to create special gifts while spreading the message of solidarity in protecting the environment and respecting green life. Let's act together and spread love to our planet!

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