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What Is A Bagasse Box? Production Process, and Advantages Of Bagasse Boxes

By Son Vu

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Today, the environment is facing many serious challenges, making us more interested in environmentally friendly solutions. Bagasse boxes have become a groundbreaking and innovative solution in efforts to reduce plastic toxic waste. Not only effective in solving the waste problem, bagasse boxes also help us join hands to protect the green planet. In this article, let's learn more about bagasse boxes with EQUO and why it become the top choice in sustainable development and environmental protection!

1. What is a bagasse box?

Bagasse boxes are food containers made from bagasse, a byproduct of the sugarcane production process. Sugarcane bagasse is a natural material, completely biodegradable in the environment. Therefore, bagasse boxes are considered an environmentally friendly solution, contributing to reducing plastic waste.

Bagasse boxes are used to store many different types of food, such as rice, noodles, dumplings, bread, etc. In addition, bagasse boxes can also be used in the microwave at temperatures below 250 degrees Celsius, extremely convenient for users.

What is a bagasse box?

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1.1. Composition

Bagasse boxes are made from the main ingredient which is bagasse. Dry bagasse is composed of 45% cellulose, 28% hemicellulose, 20% lignin, 5% sugar, 1% minerals and 2% ash. Sugarcane bagasse has a similar composition to wood, except for its high moisture content. Bagasse is collected from sugarcane factories, then cleaned and ground into powder.


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In addition, some bagasse boxes are also supplemented with other ingredients such as waterproofing agents to help the bagasse box be waterproof and grease-resistant.

1.2. Production process

To be able to create quality food containers from sugarcane bagasse, people will follow the following process:

  • Step 1: Check ingredients

After being transferred to the factory, bagasse will be checked for quality, ensuring cleanliness and not being too changed by microorganisms.

  • Step 2: Process into powder

After quality inspection, bagasse will be processed into powder through hydraulic crushing and autoclaving at high temperatures and pressure.

  • Step 3: Press to create a box shape

Sugarcane bagasse powder, after autoclaving and sterilization, will be put into the box-forming process. This process is carried out on a press with shaping molds. The press will apply pressure to the bagasse powder, helping the fibers bond together to form a box.

  • Step 4: Cut excess materials and package

After pressing and shaping the bagasse box, the excess material will be cut off. After that, the box will be put into the packaging stage for preservation and transportation.

Bagasse boxes are increasingly popular in Vietnam. With many outstanding advantages, bagasse boxes promise to completely replace conventional plastic and foam boxes in the future. In the next part, let's learn more details about the advantages of bagasse boxes with EQUO!

2. Advantages of bagasse boxes

Bagasse boxes are made from materials that are biodegradable in a short time and do not pollute the environment. This is in contrast to conventional plastic and foam boxes, which take hundreds of years to decompose, causing widespread plastic waste. EQUO has compiled three outstanding advantages of bagasse boxes as follows:

2.1. Environmentally friendly

Bagasse boxes are made from bagasse, an agricultural waste product available in many parts of the world. Bagasse is an abundant source of raw materials that does not require much land, water, and energy to produce.

Bagasse boxes are completely biodegradable in the environment. The decomposition time of a bagasse box is only about 45-60 days, much faster than conventional plastic and foam packaging, which can take hundreds of years to decompose.

Advantages of bagasse boxes

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2.2. Safe for health

Sugarcane bagasse is a natural material and does not contain toxic substances. Therefore, bagasse boxes are safe for users' health.

Bagasse boxes are manufactured using modern technology, ensuring no toxic substances are produced when storing food. Bagasse boxes can be used in the microwave at 250 degrees Celsius and the refrigerator, without affecting food quality.

2.3. High aesthetic value

Bagasse boxes come in a variety of designs and sizes, meeting the needs of many customers.

The box has the natural color of sugarcane bagasse, bringing a friendly and close feeling. In addition, the business logo can be printed on the box, helping to promote the brand effectively.

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EQUO Bagasse Boxes

Thus, bagasse boxes are an environmentally friendly packaging product, safe for health, and have many outstanding advantages. With these advantages, bagasse boxes are increasingly favored by many consumers and businesses.

3. Some notes when using bagasse boxes

Bagasse boxes are an environmentally friendly product that many people choose to use. However, to ensure safety for health and the environment, when using bagasse boxes, the following points should be noted:

3.1. Choose to buy bags of bagasse with clear origin and good quality

Users need to choose a bagasse box with clear origin, good quality, produced from natural materials and does not contain toxic chemicals.

Some signs to recognize quality bagasse boxes:

  • The box has a natural color and no strange smell.
  • The box has good toughness and elasticity and does not tear or break upon slight impact.
  • The box is rapidly biodegradable.

Users should avoid buying boxes of bagasse that are too cheap and of unclear origin. These boxes may be made from poor-quality materials, contain toxic chemicals, and affect users' health.

You can use EQUO's high-quality and environmentally friendly bagasse boxes

EQUO's high-quality and environmentally friendly bagasse boxes

EQUO bagasse boxes are made from sustainable natural materials that are renewable and decompose quickly. The box is highly durable, can withstand impacts well, is waterproof, and helps food retain its freshness. In addition, all EQUO bagasse box products are clinically tested and certified with BPI, BRCS, and DIN.

EQUO is a great solution for businesses operating in the restaurant and catering industry that want to pursue sustainable development goals.

For detailed information about EQUO bagasse box products, you can visit:

>> https://shopequo.com/collections/food-containers

3.2. Use bagasse boxes properly

When using bagasse boxes, users need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Only use bagasse boxes to store cooked food, do not use them to store raw food.
  • Do not use bagasse boxes to store highly acidic foods, it may damage the box.
  • Do not use bagasse boxes to store foods with very high temperatures, as this may cause the box to burn.
  • Do not reuse the bagasse box too many times.

3.3. Dispose of the bagasse box properly

After use, bagasse boxes need to be disposed of properly, avoiding littering in the environment. Users can dispose of the bagasse box in the organic trash, or compost it for reuse.

So, we have learned about some important notes when using bagasse boxes. Bagasse boxes are an environmentally friendly product that is gradually becoming a trend of choice for many businesses and consumers recently. With great development potential, bagasse boxes promise to completely replace disposable plastic and foam products in the future.

4. Development potential of bagasse boxes

Bagasse boxes are an environmentally friendly packaging product, with many outstanding advantages compared to traditional plastic and foam packaging. Therefore, bagasse boxes have strong development potential.

Some factors promote the development of bagasse boxes:

  • People's awareness of environmental protection is increasing. Consumers are increasingly interested in environmentally friendly, biodegradable products.
  • Government policies encourage the use of environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Bagasse box production technology is increasingly improved, helping to improve product quality and reduce production costs.

Bagasse boxes can be applied in many different fields, including:

  • Food industry: bagasse boxes are used to store cooked food, fast food, drinks,...
  • Retail industry: bagasse boxes are used to package goods, gifts,...
  • Service industry: bagasse boxes are used to store utensils in hotels, restaurants, cafes,...

Bagasse box is an environmentally friendly packaging product with strong development potential in the future. With outstanding advantages compared to traditional plastic and foam packaging, bagasse boxes will contribute to reducing environmental pollution and protecting human health.

To meet the demand for safe and environmentally friendly products, EQUO launches a set of products from sugarcane bagasse to help complete the supply chain for the F&B industry. All products are durable, and sturdy, have good heat resistance, self-decompose in the environment, food safety and hygiene, and are censored and certified by BPI, BRCS, DIN. If you are looking for an address where you can safely choose products from bagasse, immediately refer to the EQUO website - A website distributing genuine, exclusive environmentally friendly products in Vietnam.

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