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5 Best Eco-Friendly Party Supplies & Decorations

By Anh Ha

5 Best Eco-Friendly Party Supplies & Decorations

Are you looking for ways to host an eco-friendly party without compromising the fun? If so, you’re in the right place! There are plenty of sustainable party supplies and decorations out there that can help you create a memorable event while still being conscious of our planet. 

Read on to discover 5 of the best eco-friendly party supplies and decorations available today. With these products, you can be sure that your guests will have a memorable time while still upholding important sustainability values.

General Tips For Choosing Sustainable Party Supplies

When planning a party, it's important to consider the environment and look for ways to reduce your impact. Sustainable party supplies are an easy way to make sure your special day remains eco-friendly. Here are some general tips for choosing sustainable party supplies: 

Avoid Plastic Disposable Products - Disposable products such as plates, cups, and cutlery should be avoided when shopping for sustainable party supplies. Opt instead for reusable items that can be used over and over again, like ceramic plates or stainless steel utensils. Or choose single-use compostable products that can decompose safely without leaving any bad effects on the environment.

Reusing - If you have any old decorations or supplies from past parties, see if there’s a way you can creatively reuse them. Consider upcycling materials into something modern or reorganizing items so they appear fresh and modern.

Shop in your local area - When possible, make the effort to shop locally when searching for sustainable party supplies. Not only will you be supporting small businesses near you, but you may also find unique items that are made with recycled materials or are locally sourced.

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5 Best Eco-Friendly Party Supplies

Whether it's plates, cups, or decorations, here are some of the best eco-friendly party supplies that you can use at your next event:

Plant-Based Compostable Plates, Cups, Utensils

Plant-based compostable plates, cups, and utensils are a winning option for those who want to throw an environmentally friendly party. 

Made from renewable resources such as sugarcane and bamboo fibers, these plates, cups, and utensils are biodegradable and don’t contain any harsh chemicals or toxins that can harm the environment. 

They also decompose quickly in landfills or composting facilities so they won’t take up valuable space or release toxic substances into our environment once broken down.

EQUO sugarcane utensils are 100% plant-based utensils made from sugarcane fiber. Our utensils are compostable in most commercial composting facilities after use - making them an excellent sustainable choice for parties or events!

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Compostable Drinking Straws

Compostable drinking straws are the most ideal eco-friendly party supplies for those who want to host an environmentally friendly event. Compostable straws are made from materials such as sugarcane, grass, and coffee that can safely decompose in a compost bin or pile within a few months. 

They are also free of any plastic or non-degradable substances so they won’t harm the environment as conventional plastic straws do. Most eco-friendly biodegradable straws come in various vibrant colors and shapes so they can effortlessly fit in with whatever theme you’re representing at your next event!

EQUO's biodegradable compostable straws are an inspiring and simple way to add a touch of sustainability to any type of event or gathering. Our sugarcane straws, coffee straws, coconut straws, rice straws, and grass straws are designed with convenience in mind, suiting them for parties, barbecues, and other special occasions that are worth remembering!

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DIY Fabric Bunting Banners Or Opt For Eco-Friendly Ones

DIY fabric bunting banners are an affordable option that allows guests to get creative with their decorating ideas. All you need are fabric scraps, ribbon or string, and a few sewing basics to make your own banner. 

If you’d prefer something more professional looking, there are plenty of tutorials online which will show you how to make a wide range of designs. You can even personalize each one according to the theme or color scheme of the event!

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Make Decoration With Eco-Friendly Candles, Lanterns, And Solar LED Lighting

If you’re looking for eco-friendly party supplies you can consider using candles, lanterns, and solar LED lighting to decorate your home. Not only will your guests be impressed by your decorations, but you’ll also be doing something beneficial for the planet! 

Candles are a classic way to festively adorn any area, and there are many environmentally friendly options available. Choose beeswax or soy wax candles that produce no smoke when burned for the ultimate conscious choice! 

Alternatively, party hosts can pick up some battery-operated flameless candles. These look exactly like genuine flickering candles but run on electricity instead of burning fuel. 

Lanterns are faultless for outdoor parties because they can provide plenty of light while still being complimentary to your chosen decor. Want to spice it up even more? Alternate between displaying an array of different sizes in varying colors around your patio or backyard to create a beautiful ambiance.

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Choose Eco-Friendly Party Invitations

Eco-friendly party invitations start by using recycled or plantable paper that is sourced from sustainable materials, such as bamboo or hemp. This paper is often made with soy ink, which is free from toxic chemicals and easy to recycle once used! 

Using organic stationery materials, like the innovative seed paper, ensures that no toxins are released into the environment during production. Plants grown from these seeds can help to offset carbon emissions that have the potential to be caused by other activities at your event.

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Where To Buy Biodegradable Single-Use Products For Party in Bulk

If you're looking for sustainable party supplies in bulk, the best place to start is online!

Many companies are now offering eco-friendly options such as plates and utensils made from renewable resources like sugarcane or bamboo fibers, as well as plant-based compostable straws and cups. You can also find biodegradable decorations such as banners and balloons made from recycled materials. 

EQUO is the quintessential place to start searching if you’re on the hunt for bulk supplies, whether it be compostable biodegradable utensils or drinking straws. Our online store offers everything from eco-friendly knives, forks, spoons, and food containers, to biodegradable straws made of 100% plant-based materials!

Another fantastic path to go down is to visit your local health food store or zero-waste shop for further advice and offers!

EQUO bulk sustainable party supplies

Eco-friendly party supplies and decorations are a surefire way to ensure your celebration is sustainable with minimal impact on the environment. From plant-based utensils to compostable drinking straws, there are some wonderful options that you can easily purchase online or in-store. 

For further peace of mind, why not try out EQUO's plasticless straws and utensils? Our products are a well-balanced combination of both form and function. Going green doesn't have to be difficult or life-altering - there are plenty of accessible options out there! Don’t wait any longer to make your statement and spread the word while planning your next sustainable event - what are you waiting for?

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