Mar 10th, 24

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EQUO Takes the Stage on CNA's "The Big Spark": A Sustainable Journey Towards Entrepreneurial Success

By Emily H.

Get ready to dive into the world of entrepreneurship like never before as Channel News Asia's latest business reality show, "The Big Spark," takes center stage. This thrilling new program is on the hunt for budding entrepreneurs and big dreamers, ready to turn their innovative ideas into reality. From captivating pitches to intense masterclasses, viewers will witness the exhilarating journey of contestants as they vie for a chance to gain exposure, connections, and up to $1 million in seed funding.

As the excitement builds, one standout contestant poised to make waves is Marina Tran-Vu, CEO of EQUO. With a background in marketing and branding, Marina is determined to bring something new and impactful to the market, especially in the sustainability industry.

"I wanted to leverage my marketing and branding background to bring something new to the market that people would actually care about to make sustainability really fun and bright," said Marina Tran-Vu, CEO of EQUO.

EQUO stands at the forefront of sustainability, pioneering an innovative product range that serves as eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic. Offering a diverse selection of disposable items such as compostable straws, utensils, and food containers, EQUO's comprehensive lineup is exclusively crafted from plant-based materials, ensuring a fully plastic-free experience for consumers. Notably, EQUO proudly represents Vietnam as the sole participant in this prestigious competition, underscoring its commitment to global sustainability efforts.

EQUO's CEO, Marina Tran-Vu's pitching on the Big Spark

"The Big Spark" promises to be a platform like no other, where entrepreneurs like Marina have the opportunity to showcase their vision and determination. With high stakes and fierce competition, contestants will face challenges designed to push them to their limits, all in pursuit of their entrepreneurial dreams.

Don't miss out on the excitement as "The Big Spark" sets the stage for the next generation of business leaders to shine. Tune in to witness the journey unfold and see who will emerge victorious in the quest for success.

Follow EQUO’s journey on the Big Spark right here:

A Search For Start-Ups With The Next Big Business Idea: Quick Pitch Round 2 - Part 2 | The Big Spark

About EQUO:

EQUO is a sustainable brand dedicated to providing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic with a range of plant-based products such as straws, utensils, food containers, and stationary that are both plastic-free and home-compostable.  EQUO is now present in more than 15 countries, across multiple industries. We aim to inspire all companies to eliminate single-use plastic and move towards sustainable solutions!

About "The Big Spark":

The Big Spark is an exciting new business reality show that spotlights 24 startups hailing from Southeast Asia. Across eight compelling episodes, these startups will undergo a rigorous selection process, ultimately leading to the crowning of the best of the best, who will be awarded seed funding of up to $1 million. Tune in to Channel News Asia every Friday at 7 pm (SGT) to witness the entrepreneurial journey unfold and discover which startup will emerge victorious on "The Big Spark.

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